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Divorce Lawyers Share Stories About The Worst Ways Clients Have Screwed Over Their Spouse


Marriage used to be a lifelong union. It was something that was supposed to last a lifetime and a wife or a husband was synonymous with the term ‘life partner.’

And life partner is exactly what that word means. A partner in life. But nowadays, most of us are always aware of the fact that approximately 50 per cent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. According to the U.S Census Bureau, they found that more than 40 per cent of third marriages. And divorces could be extremely detrimental to someone’s physical and mental health.

The average length of a marriage that ends in a divorce is approximately 8 years. That’s 8 years of your life with someone who you end up realizing isn’t who you want to spend your life with. And most times, divorces don’t end amicably. Lawyers are brought into the mix and spouses will do anything possible to run them financially, physically and mentally into the ground. Here are some of the most vicious divorce endings found on Reddit.

‘As a divorce lawyer, I had a client who used his ex-wife’s email address and phone number to sign her up for every bank loan, religious, mental illness or pornographic site possible. She was soon bombarded with a whole bunch of people contacting her.’ (dirtydlf)

1Rocket Lawyer

‘I had a couple who went at it over an ashtray that they got in Vegas. Funnily enough, neither of them smoked. They hired me and another attorney to go at it to win this ashtray. When we did win, he proceeded to smash it on the front steps of the courthouse.’ (F-BOMB)

2Reader's Digest

‘I had a couple who had to live together pending the sale of their home. And this couple did not like each other. I had to negotiate with the other lawyer all the way down to the sharing of the refrigerator space in their home.’ (Anonymous)


‘I had a client who came home from a 2-week vacation just to be given divorce papers and a temporary restraining order. He just pulled up into the driveway and was handed the papers. The guy had no idea what was happening and was so confused when he came into our office.’ (Ad-Hominuuum)


‘I had a couple who were fighting over custody of their children. They claimed that my client had physically beat the kids and had subjected them to horrendous physical abuse. I later found out that the wife had hired an acting coach to do ‘practice interrogations’ with the kids. My client won sole custody.’ (MastadonBob)

‘My client’s ex-husband sent me a statement of property that listed all of the food in the kitchen since their date of separation. It even came with estimated values for each item. For example, Campbell’s vegetable soup is estimated at 80 cents a piece.’ (JournalofFailure)


‘One time I represented a husband who was divorcing a wife of thirty-five years. During mediation, they divided about a half million dollars in assets within the first 30 minutes and then spend the next three hours fighting over two hurricane glasses and a pitchfork.’ (LazyMFTX)

7Huffington Post

‘I had a client who forced her ex-husband to switch the life insurance beneficiary back to her after he had switched her out and replaced her with their children. Then she ordered him to take court-ordered drug tests every week, and to also notify her of what days he was working so that her private investigator could keep an eye out for him.’ (ProfessorMMcGonagall)


‘My mom used to work in a divorce court and she would come back home with plenty of horror stories. Apparently, one husband who found out his wife was cheating left her a pretty heated voicemail. ‘The only reason you can’t answer is because you’re too busy sleeping with him!’ (JtkBasketball)

9Huffington Post

‘There was a child welfare case that I was working where the ex-husband shaved his entire body due to a court appointed hair follicle test. He insisted that he had planned on shaving his entire body weeks in advance and not because of the drug testing.’ (JournalofFailure)


‘My client’s husband was caught cheating since he kept photographs of the affair on his computer. Since his face wasn’t in any of the pictures, we had to confirm if the member belonged to him. He said that he wasn’t sure since exposure to agent orange in Vietnam caused him to have memory problems.’ (Its_Moops)


‘A friend who was a divorce lawyer once told me that he was savagely beaten at a grocery store while out with his wife and kids by a former spouse who blamed him for ‘taking him to the cleaners.’ (AJAMG)


‘I had a client who was your typical rich dude who was tired of his wife and kids and wanted to ride off with a younger girlfriend. The clearly angry wife asked for some pretty outrageous demands and after a long day of mediation without any budging from her side, my client finally gave up and gave her everything she wanted. She was livid when I informed her of this since her ex-husband was willing to give in to her insane demands just to be with his younger girlfriend.’ (Vincent_Blackshadow)


‘I had a client whose husband was willing to give her whatever he wanted. From the house to the car, the money, the retirement savings, to full custody of the kids. All he wanted was some clothes, some dishes, and the microwave. She was unwilling to budge because she said that it was ‘my microwave.’ (themcp)

14Huffington Post

‘I had a client who actively alleged that her ex-husband had killed a man and then reported it to the police. The body was never found but she insisted that on being the truth. Then she went on a rant about how the attorney was sleeping with his ex and that was a ‘conflict of interest.’ (VegaDark)


‘I worked with a co worker whose husband knew that she loved her dog. When they got a divorce, the couple fought tooth and nail over this dog. In the end, the husband won the dog just so that he could get it euthanized to hurt the other person more.’ (Anonymous)


‘A friend of mine who is a lawyer once told me that this wealthy couple had a bad divorce because the woman had siphoned a whole bunch of money into overseas accounts and then proceeded to cut up all of his clothes.’ (diffyagirl)

17Le divorce

‘I had a client who was livid because her husband got on a bus and took the kids with him to Mexico. She cried and cried for her kids and we all felt bad for her at the law firm. Later it turns out that she had stabbed him when he confronted her about sleeping with his brother. So he decided to pack up, leave and take the kids with him.’ (bey5ever)


‘I had a man come to me after finding out that his wife cheated on him. She was the breadwinner and he was the stay at home, artsy type of guy. When he came to me with photographs of the affair, he took her for everything she was worth. The condo, the savings, the car, everything.’ (Anonymous)


‘My client had to live with his wife during the divorce settlement. Every night he would call me about petty things that she did. Such as how she left her shoes at the front door, the way she chewed, who she invited over that night, etc.’ (Cheezmergency)


‘I had a couple come into the firm just to argue about the placement of the video game console. The husband would want the games and the console in his bedroom so that the kids would be with him while the mother would go and buy a Wii to lure the kids into the living room. They spent thousands on this.’ (odgunz)


‘I worked with a couple who ended up breaking up because they no longer liked each other. They had just gotten married and were only together for 5 months. But they fought over every little thing. From small kitchen appliances to little pieces of jewelry, everything had to be valued, monetized and then divided by two.’ (Anonymous)


‘I once worked with a couple who absolutely despised each other. They would go out of their way to slander and ruin the other person’s reputation. They did things such as put up billboards or take out ads just to make the other person look bad.’ (SweetieCrumb)


‘I had an ex-wife that I was working with that was trying to get some more money from her ex-husband. This was during their divorce settlement and then when the ex-husband expectedly died, she tried to change her tune by saying that they weren’t yet divorced and she was entitled to half of everything.’ (Anonymous)



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