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Kids Can’t Get Over Dad’s Amazing DIY Tree House Project In Their Bedroom

By day, Adam works as a web developer in Vermont. But by night, he’s spending time with his family and building things for his two little girls. In this video, the creative handyman is ready to wow his little ones with one of the most epic DIY project of all time!


From beginning to end, the video shows us how he built the most perfect Christmas present ever! The gift is for his two beloved girls. What is it? An indoor treehouse, but with a twist….he’s on a budget! This would certainly keep both his daughters and his wife happy.

The DIY project is nothing like you have ever seen before. The indoor treehouse features a net hammock for climbing and relaxing, built-in drawers for storage, and a cozy nook for floor access. What’s not to love?

But the most impressive part of the project is that it only took the father a couple of days to complete! According to Adam, it was about 2 – 3 days of work. In just ten elaborate steps, he was able to surprise his kids with an awesome playset.


Once he was done constructing, it was time for the moment of truth. His daughters walked into the room with their hands covering their eyes. He told them to remove their hands from their faces and that’s when they burst into joy.


They called it the ‘best present ever’ and immediately jumped onto their new toy. It looks like they’re not the only ones that are impressed by the project. People in the comments section of the video are OBSESSED with the playground.

The video was posted by GNDxero and has been viewed over 12 million times since it was first posted on January 26th, 2011. If you want to attempt to build this bed yourself you can check out Adam’s blog post here.


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