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Doctor Found Dead With Knife In Chest Inside NYC Apartment

Dr. Dean Lorich was a very prominent surgeon and he was found dead, face up, on Sunday in his NYC apartment by his 11-year-old daughter. He was found dead on his bathroom floor with a knife in his chest in his Upper East Side apartment. Investigators are treating the death of Dean Lorich as a suicide. The knife missed his heart and he bled to death and there was no suicide note. The surgeon was at home with his daughter at the time of his death and police say there were no signs of forced entry. The 54-year-old was found on his bathroom floor near 1 pm. His wife was playing tennis at the time of his death. A police source said that ‘he was under some personal stress.’

At the time, Dr. Lorich was being sued by former Giants running back, Michael Cox for allegedly failing to properly treat one of his damaged ankle bones which he sustained in a game in 2014. However, Michael Cox’s lawyer believes that the lawsuit would have been covered by Dr. Lorich’s employer’s insurance, the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS.)

Dr. Dean Lorich was a father of three girls and was a very well known doctor. He is the associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery and he was also the professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. He treated Bono in 2014 after he was badly injured from a cycling accident in Central Park and he was also on the team of doctors who treated NYPD Officer Tarrell Lee after he was hit by an SUV in 2005 while directing traffic.

But in 2010, Dr. Lorich reached international attention after volunteering to be a part of a small medical team that would go to Haiti to deal with the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated the country. It was his time in Haiti which forced him to co-author an article that was published by CNN where he lambasted the complete lack of leadership in the country. He said: ‘that was the biggest problem we saw, though, was that there was nobody in charge. It was a sovereign country, and their government really never stepped up, at least in the period of time that we were there. All the NGOs had been there for decades and provided fish, but they’d never taught the Haitians how to fish.’

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