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Doctors Dismiss Her Son’s Headache As Nothing—Mother Sees Her Son’s Drawing—Demands The Truth

It’s not an uncommon story. A mother is convinced her child is sick and books a doctor’s appointment. The doctor reassures the parent that nothing is wrong with their child. After more strange behavior and sick days, the mother begs for further tests against the doctor’s professional advice. Eventually, doctors discover it was an undiagnosed medical issue causing the child’s distress.

kidsTiffani Erulkeroglu | Facebook

This is the story that haunts every mother but became a scary reality for Tiffani Erulkeroglu when her 7-year-old son woke her up on Mother’s Day back in 2015. “Within minutes he was lying in a drowsy state on the sofa but was screaming in pain every time he vomited,” said Erulkeroglu. By the time they arrived at the hospital Emre was no longer vomiting, doctors chalked it up to a migraine, and the family went home.

But Erulkeroglu couldn’t shake her concern over the unusual illness her son was overcome with that morning. She began to do her own research when she came across Head Smart, an awareness campaign that listed symptoms similar to Emre’s as warning signs of a brain tumor.

Erulkeroglu went back to the doctor and demanded more tests as a precaution. But when Emre had a neurological exam, it showed nothing out of the ordinary.

emreThe Brain Tumour Charity

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