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Doctors Find 150 Worms Living Inside A Woman’s Stomach

Neha Begum, a 22-year-old woman from Chandauli, India was rushed to the hospital when she experienced extreme abdominal pain and vomiting for over a month. The doctors examined her abdominal area and found a massive obstruction, so they scheduled her for surgery. They found something that shocked them more than anything they had ever seen in their entire careers.  

The team of doctors and nurses at KG Nanda hospital found close to 150 worms inside her stomach. As they pulled each one, they found that some of the 10-inch worms were still alive. The surgery took over 5 hours to complete and doctors found that some of the worms were tightly wrapped around her intestines.


“I was shocked. This was an extremely unusual case,” said Dr. Anand Prakash Tiwari, a doctor at the hospital. “We have come across cases with three or four worms but this is the first time we have come across such a huge number.”

Tapeworms make their way inside our bodies through a variety of sources including uncooked meat, unwashed vegetables and dirty water. The tapeworm turns their eggs into a cyst, a protective capsule that encloses the larva until it finds a host. After it’s consumed by a human, they grow into adult worms, latching onto intestines, lungs, the heart and even the brain, which can be fatal.

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