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Doctors Are Sharing Their Funniest and Stupidest Patient Stories


Doctors are usually regarded as the pinnacle of knowledge or the epitome of high-level education but apparently, some people don’t always listen to doctors.

Over the course of a year, approximately 83 percent of adults will visit a health care professional at least once. And for children, that number skyrockets to 93 percent. And for hospitals, there are annually about 125 million visits versus private physician’s offices which average almost 885 million visits a year. The most commonly diagnosed condition is ‘essential hypertension’ and the most common reason for a visit is for medication.

So with all these visits and all these people, within just a year, doctors must go through a wide assortment of faces, bodies, and attitudes. So at Providr, we decided to scour the internet in search of stories from doctors themselves that showed how funny, silly or downright stupid some of their patients were. Whether it be ignoring their medical advice or blatantly going against what they say, here is a compilation of hilarious stories from the health care professionals themselves.

‘I had a guy come into the emergency room once with burns on his lower extremities. Apparently, he had been trying to use a propane-powered weed burner in his yard (a flamethrower) while being extremely inebriated. His shoes and the bottoms of his pants were almost completely burned away.’ (Sanfranshan)


‘Once I had an older patient who got a little frisky. ‘You remind me of my third husband,’ she said coyly. ‘Third husband?’ I asked. ‘How many have you had?’ ‘Two.’ I couldn’t help but feel flattered from the compliment.’ (Dr. Leon Pendracky)


‘After getting my wisdom teeth removed, my dad said I stepped out of the room and demanded that I get my teeth in a bag and started calling people ‘charlatans’ in an old-timey voice. He wouldn’t stop calling me Lord Molar for at least half a year.’ (CrossFox42)


‘I once had a nasty and painful ingrown toenail removed and when I went to visit my doctor he had just the reassuring thing to say. ‘Don’t worry about a thing, I just looked up how to perform this operation on YouTube.’’ (Chelsea Bender)


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