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Dog Almost Dies When Her Owner Uses Human Hair Dye On The Pet

An aesthetic makeover almost cost one dog her life after the previous owner used human hair dye to color her fur purple. Now, a Florida animal shelter is using this dog’s lucky recovery to warn other pet owners about the potentially fatal consequences of using products that are’t specifically manufactured for pets.

Violet, a 5lb Maltese mix, was brought to the Pinellas County Animal Services in Largos, Florida in dire straits. Human hair dye was used to color her fur purple which left her skin covered in burns, her eyes swollen shut, and her body limp. The shelter workers did everything they could but admitted that they didn’t think she would make it through the night.

The workers gave Violet fluids and shaved off her fur only to realize just how bad the damage had been. While peacefully anesthetized, the workers found that her skin had begun to slough off due to the toxic chemicals used in human hair dye. This meant her treatment was about to become even more extensive, including, pain medication, antibiotics, IV fluids, honey treatments, and scab removals.

For the next three months, the workers at Pinellas County Animal Services worked desperately to treat Violet. Despite their growing concerns for her well-being, Violet began to show her true colors and managed to make a miraculous full recovery.

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