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Dog Still High From Visit To The Vet Has Hilarious Face

An absolutely hysterical photo of a dog returning from her trip to the vet has quickly gone viral for its comedic nature.

Reddit user @schmerbert submitted this photo of his dog last month, after taking her to get a procedure done on her leg by their local vet. What @schmerbert didn’t expect was the enormous popularity the photo would have with Reddit users.

Many animals can exhibit similar behaviors to humans when it comes to being put under local anesthetic, including wide eyes, loopy behavior, hallucinations, and changes in mood. There are two different ways to put a pet under. One includes injections that are usually the more affordable and easy to dose for simple procedures. Another procedure for placing your animals in a controlled coma is by using similar drugs for human patients while strapping up your pet to a heart monitor or (EKG) to measure their heart rate while under the drug’s influence.

Coming back from being under for one of these procedures can sometimes have unexpected humorous effects. There are many viral videos of cats and dogs struggling to wake up from the drug-induced state. Reddit user @schmerbert posted this adorable photo of his adorable pup waking up in the car.

Reddit users @kat759, @lolinokami, and @pm_chicken_nuggets had a hilarious exchange about comparing the Dog’s expression with their personal ID card photos. Although we aren’t quite sure what @pm_chicken_nuggets was going for with their comment.

@schmerbert’s photo submission of his adorable dog’s reaction coming out of being under the influence of anesthetic from the vet has now received over 111,000 upvotes and had over 1313 comments.

There’s no doubt as to why this photo went viral. Its hilarious nature had the best reaction from lots of different people, including this top comment by @TCalnan that basically sums up how we all feel.  

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