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Dogs Patiently Wait 9 Months For Baby Brother, When They Finally Meet Him, They Become Inseparable

It’s true what they say, dogs really are a man’s best friend, and these Weimaraners are no exception. These smart and sweet pups couldn’t wait to welcome their new little human friend in the family.

Footage has been going around the web of “Frame the Weim.” These are two siblings who are awaiting the arrival of their new little brother. The dogs totally noticed their mom’s tummy growing, and made it a point to cuddle with the belly to have a bond with their soon-to-be human brother.

The family is from Barcelona, Spain and they decided to share a ton of adorable photos and videos on their social media pages. The moments before the little boy was born are cute, but only got better once he arrived.

Once the boy was finally born, the family took a ton of precautions with the pups. Even though Weimaraner dogs are known to be sweet, it’s always smart to take some precautions before letting them interact with a newborn baby.

The parents were totally prepared. They had already introduced the baby’s smell to the dogs, bringing over one of his blankets from the hospital. They did this prior to bringing the baby home.

Now that the parents were confident that everything would be okay, they brought the little guy home and were pleased that the dogs did everything they could to welcome him into the family.

The parents have shared a ton of photos of their newborn and the Weimaraner dogs and they are a mix of adorable and hilarious and overall just plain sweet. You can see them cuddling, taking care of each other and the dogs even give him kisses from time to time.

Just by looking at the photos, you can tell that these boys have such an incredible bond with one another. I can’t imagine how much stronger it’ll get as the boy gets older and older. This is definitely squad goals.

The dogs love spending time with the little boy. From cuddling together to playing together to even dressing up for Halloween in matching costumes. The photos will brighten up your day without a doubt.

Frame always keeps a constant eye on his little boy. This breed is incredibly loyal and protective of their humans and this is the perfect example to prove just that.

People on the internet just can’t get enough of these photos and have commented on the couple’s Facebook page. One person wrote, “I had 2 Weimaraners and they were just the most loyal, loving dogs. If you give them love and affection, they return it immeasurably…”


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