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Items On Donald Trump Jr.’s Desk Have The Internet Reacting


In today’s political climate, any politician is subject to public scrutiny. However, some politicians and even celebrities seem to invite criticism with some of their personalities.  

It’s hard to deny the media circus around the Trump administration, and it seems almost like we’re waiting each morning for news about what new headlines the Trumps have in for us next. This is the case with the recent photo posted of Donald Trump Jr. sitting at this desk.

The picture posted by twitter user Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) showcases Donald Trump Jr, working away at his desk, only there’s something odd about the contents of his desk that seem to have other twitter users in stitches.

In the photo, Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) addresses the odd nature in which Trump Jr’s photos are all positioned to face away from him. One might think that you want to see your family on a daily basis, not have them turned away from you:

This photo instantly went viral. As people looked at the photo more closely, they noticed other strange things in his office. Twitter user Sam Lloyd (@LloydWithTwoLs) found something peculiar hidden in the background of the photo:

T2Twitter | @LloydWithTwoLs

Twitter user Kristen Hernandez (@K_Hern) cracks a joke about the bobble head on his desk next to the picture frames:

When people really started to analyze the photo, they noticed something even funnier about the photographs themselves. User PBnoJ (@captainknoital) pointed this one about Trump Jr:

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