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Drake Photographed With Adult Film Star, People Think J-Lo Instagram Is Her Response

Back in December of 2016, it was revealed that Drake and Jennifer Lopez were together – at least on some level. The two have been moving the relationship along quickly, with reports even surfacing that J-Lo is “head over heels” for the Canadian rapper.  

Recently though, Drake was seen in Amsterdam talking to a much different kind of star. Rosee Divine, a retired French adult-film star who is known for the same assets as J-Lo, was next to him as he had dinner at a sushi restaurant. Though seemingly there with a group, the two appeared very much interested in each other’s company.


At one point Divine reaches out and grabs Drake’s arm, lingering there for maybe a moment too long. The two were all smiles even through a phone call the rapper took in the middle of dinner.

Drake has been known to move quickly from girl to girl, and though this isn’t necessarily proof of that, perhaps J-Lo should be worried. Last year, when the rapper broke it off with Rihanna, he was spotted at a Toronto Blue Jays game the next day with Instagram model India Love Westbrooks. That’s right, the (younger) sister of his old fling Crystal Westbrooks, one of the girls before Rihanna.

J-Lo had fans scanning her Instagram for a response, one they may have found in her picture captioned: “When the party is over for you and you gotta wait for your people cause everyone drunk and still going… lol”  

Whether or not it’s in direct response to Drake and his new female friend’s antics in Amsterdam, it likely has something to do with the relationship. Lopez is 17 years older than Drake and does have two children. She hesitated even dating the rapper at first because she thought he was “a player”.


Now a source has told Entertainment Tonight that Lopez is “really into him” and that “the last thing Jennifer wants is for Drake to do something to make her look foolish or feel like she has been played.” Sure, he’s allowed to go out to dinner with whoever he wants and the couple is probably fine. But maybe, just maybe we got a sneak preview of the impending blow-up.

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