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8 Driving Hacks That Will Help You Save Money On Gas

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Driving may be the most convenient way to get around, but the rising costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle make it a luxury that’s difficult to afford. If you use your car to commute to work on a daily basis, the costs of gas and maintenance services can almost make it feel like you’re working to drive rather than driving to work.

However, there are some tricks you can do to help cut down on your fuel and maintenance costs. These 8 driving hacks will save you money so you can put the joy back into joyride.

1. Plan your route before you go. You probably have a destination or two in mind before you put your car in drive. However, many people don’t take the most efficient route possible. There are an endless amount of mapping tools available that can guarantee you’re getting to where you need to as fast as possible.

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2. Eliminate wind resistance. Having a luggage rack on your roof or even keeping your windows down can cause wind resistance while driving. The more aerodynamic your vehicle is, the more fuel you’ll save in the long run.

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3. Plan where you fill up. Don’t wait until you’re out of gas to fill up or you’ll end up paying more out of convenience. Gas stations near the highway are notorious for being pricier. Plan ahead and take advantage of the many smartphone apps that show you the cheapest gas prices around you.

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4. Declutter your car. Some of us have a habit of driving around with a lot of unnecessary weight. However, it’s best to keep only the necessities in your vehicle because the heavier it is, the more fuel it will end up consuming. /

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