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Someone Just Flew A Drone Into A Fireworks Display

Nothing marks a celebration quite like watching the sky light up with sparkling streaks of color from a fireworks display. While we’re used to looking up to see the spectacle, Jos Stiglingh used a drone to capture some incredible footage that takes us inside the explosions.

Drones have created the ability to capture video from heights like never before, which prompted Stiglingh to test what it would look like to fly into the midst of a fireworks show. The results give a stunningly unique glimpse of these pyrotechnics than humanly possible.


The footage was created by using an HD HERO3+ camera attached to a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter drone and was flown through a display over West Palm Beach, Florida. While flying a drone through this minefield of fireworks is risky, Stiglingh stated that the quad was in no way damaged.

However, as beautiful as the footage turned out, many are condemning the video due to the potential safety hazards and legality issues.

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