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Drone Footage Shows Killer Whales Attack A Blue Whale, And The Reason Why Is Surprising

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There’s still a lot to be studied and understood about the ocean and its inhabitants. A lot of people are shifting their focus from studying what’s out in space and more on what’s under the deep waters. A lot of new things are being discovered every day.

Over the centuries, we’ve occupied ourselves with creating and passing on a number of myths, legends, and mysteries that have come from the oceans. Most of them have still not been explained by mankind. Specifically, the behavior of marine life is one of those mysteries calling out for our attention.

On May 18th in Monterey, California, drone footage captured something that may confirm the way we understand the behavior of two specific forms of marine life. A group of orcas (also known as killer whales) and the blue whale.

The footage shows a group of killer whales carrying out a coordinated attack on a blue whale. National Geographic says this is pretty common.  

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They believe that killer whales are known to prey on other marine mammals, which can also include dolphins and seals.

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Like in the case of a smaller human trying to pick a fight with a bigger one, these fearsome predators didn’t stand a chance against the blue whale.


The adult blue whale is considered the largest animal on the planet, reaching up to 100 feet long and weighing close to 200 tons.


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