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An iPhone Gets Dropped Into Molten Aluminum And It’s Incredibly Captivating

If you were a user of the first few generations of iPhones, you probably had an urge at some point to completely destroy it after an ill-timed update or crash. Well, prepare to live out your wildest destruction fantasies through this video.

The Backyard Scientist is a YouTube channel that does some of the gnarliest experiments you’ll ever see in the safety of his suburban backyard while wearing Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts. Basically, the greatest thing to ever happen to the internet.


In his latest video he continues his obsession with molten aluminum, pitting it against an old iPhone 5 (no, it’s not a 6 plus – they’re not savages). Paired with GizmoSlip, a channel that comes up with creative durability tests”, the Backyard Scientist drops the phone into a vat of bubbling molten metal.

The iPhone doesn’t stand a chance, as it immediately bursts into flame. While it continues to float, it becomes completely malleable and chars black.

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