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Scientists Discover Drug That Fixes Cavities And Regrows Teeth


When we have an aching mouth, the first thing that pops into our head is: “I have a cavity.” This generally leaves you with two options, hope that the cavity goes away and fixes itself, or go to the dentist. Most people hate option 2.

The good news is that there is a possibility that the use of dental fillings may be left in the dust sooner rather than later. A new discovery has been made about a drug that was essentially developed for Alzheimer’s patients, may replace dental fillings.

The drug called Tideglusib, which was developed and trialed to help treat Alzheimer’s has also shown to provide oral effects as well. What kind of effects? Read on to find out.

The affects that Tideglusib has on the mouth is the ability to promote natural tooth regrowth mechanism, which allows the tooth to repair a cavities, researchers say.

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How does it work? Well it stimulates stem cells in the pulp of the teeth, which is the main source of new dentin. In simple terms, dentin is the mineralized substance that is beneath the enamel which gets eaten away by tooth decay.

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Teeth do have the ability to regenerate dentin that is lost on their own, but only in certain circumstances. In order for this to happen, the pulp must be exposed through an infection or trauma in order to manufacture dentin.

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Even if this happens, the tooth can only regrow a very thin layer. This thin layer is not nearly enough to repair a cavity and allow the tooth to regrow.

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