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Why Did This Airline Let This Drunk And Blood Soaked Man On The Plane?

The cramped spaces, the subpar food, the crying babies, and the tiny gross bathrooms—there are too many reasons to hate flying. Some of us can’t even get over the terrifying fact the fact that we’re zooming at 500 mph over an altitude of 39,000 feet. But after reading this story, you’ll learn that flying can always get worse.

A video has surfaced of a Russian man covered in blood, restrained to his seat on an airplane. The man, who has not been identified, can be seen wearing a blue button-up shirt sprinkled with blood (presumably his own). It’s unclear why or how he got to that state.

The Daily Mail reports that the footage was recorded on a Red Wings flight traveling from Moscow, Russia to Antalya, Turkey. Reports from Russian media say the man was intoxicated and the crew and passengers were forced to restrain him in the middle of the flight.

The footage is disturbing. At one point in the video, the man punches and kicks the seat in front of him while a woman sitting next to him watches without flinching. In the row in front of his, a mother and her young daughter are standing by their seats, cornered in silence as the man has his fit.

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According to Russian reports, the crew tried everything to calm the man down, but he wouldn’t budge. This supports the claim that he was under the influence of some unnamed substance and that he took it before boarding the flight.

After the plane reached its destination, authorities were waiting at Antalya to restrain the bloodied man right on the tarmac, according to RMF Maxxx.

This isn’t the first time this year that a bloody incident took place on an airplane. The FBI recently reported that a flight attendant was forced to break a bottle of wine over a passenger’s head when he tried to open an exit door mid-flight. The passenger of the Delta Air Lines from Seattle to Beijing was arrested after he forced the plane to return to the Seattle-Tacoma International airport.


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