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16 People Too Drunk To Know Who They Are

There’s nothing wrong with a little casual drinking and light fun. Sure, being drunk is fun too, but there’s a fine line between being drunk and being absolutely smashed out of our minds.

Hopefully, none of you will have ever been that drunk, but there’s usually a night or two that stands out in our memories from our youth, and often they’re nights filled with horrible, horrible, regret.

The following pictures showcase the drunkest of drunk people, who are so drunk they don’t’ know who they are, where they are, or what they’re even doing.

1. This poor thing fell asleep on a slice of pizza. We’re not sure what’s worse, the fact that the pizza never got eaten, or the fact that she’s literally passed out on the curb. Where are this girl’s friends? Where are her parents? Oh dear. 

2. Ah yes, let’s get comfy and cozy on our putrid yellow carpet from the 1970s with this nice warm IKEA table. Who needs a bed with a blanket when you can have a clear lacquered board sprawled across your spine as you pass out on the floor?

3. We aren’t sure about the logic of this sleeping position, but we like to theorize that this girl got lost somewhere in her inebriation, and couldn’t figure out how to use a couch.

4. Ah yes, Walmart people. This person was so drunk they couldn’t even buy themselves a bag of chips. Instead, they passed out, taking down the entire Lays display with them. Stay home next time if you’re that drunk!

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