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Mother Shares Devastating Photo Of Dying Dad Crying Next To Terminally Ill Daughter


Death is an inevitable part of life. There is no way to escape it. But when death comes earlier than expected, it can be even more devastating. When a loved one is given a certain amount of time to live, it can be tough to deal with. But what about when two loved ones aren’t given much time to live? I can only imagine how difficult that would be to deal with. It’s your responsibility to stay strong for your loved ones, but that’s easier said than done. This reminds me of a photo I saw of a dying dad crying next to his terminally ill daughter.

When a family goes through a series of unfortunate incidents, one can only wonder “why me?” People start to reflect on their lives to try and figure out what they did to deserve this pain. But the truth of the matter is that good and bad people die every day. But what people should focus on is not what they’ve done to deserve this, but what they are going to do with your loved ones while they’re still alive.

I would like to tell the story that’s behind the story of the photo I saw of a dying dad next to his terminally ill daughter.

The story begins with Ally Parker. She has a daughter named Braylynn, who was only given two weeks to live after she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) on December 6. For those who are unfamiliar with DIPG, it’s a tumor that is present in the middle of the brainstem. The brainstem is the bottom portion of the brain which connects the cerebrum and the spinal cord.

dying dad crying

To make matters worse, Ally’s father is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease. This disease is a progressive neurological condition which attacks the motor nerves or neurons in the spinal cord and brain. As this disease progresses, messages that are delivered to the brain gradually stop. The body begins to weaken and waste away because of this.

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Ally uploaded a picture to Facebook which showed her father, Sean Peterson, sitting next to her daughter’s hospital bed while he’s wailing. Both are fighting for their lives despite not being given much of a chance to live. When you see Peterson’s expression, you can imagine exactly what he’s going through.

dying dad cryingProvidr

No one should ever have to watch their father and daughter die at the same time, but Ally has to be strong for both. She has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise $300,000 which would help pay for the expensive treatments.

dying dad

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