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The Earth Is Closest To The Sun During The Winter And Other Crazy Science Facts You Didn’t Know


Science is a wonderful thing. The subject literally encompasses everything in this world and beyond; it helps us understand ourselves, animals, the Earth, and even space. People who’ve made important scientific discoveries live on in history forever. The most famous scientists include:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Issac Newton
  • Marie Curie

Albert Einstein is credited for the Theory of Relativity, Isaac Newton with the discovery of gravity, and Marie Curie discovered the element polonium. These are just a few of their merits, of course.

But there is something scientifically interesting even about the seemingly mundane and boring things. A lot of interesting things make up this world, and science gives us tools with which to understand them. Here are 16 of the wackiest scientific facts:


1. The largest mountain range is not on land, but is submerged in the ocean. It goes through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and reaches both the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has higher peaks then the Alps and goes for more than 35,000 miles. It takes up a total of 23 percent of the Earth’s surface.

1YouTube / National Geographic

2. During the last ice age, eight-foot tall beavers made North America their home. Yes, this makes them as big as bears. Experts estimate they weighed around 220 pounds and, to be specific, they were around the same size as a black bear. Their teeth are horrifying enough at their current size, image the size of black bears. 

3. There is a lizard in this world, that is called the horned toad. What makes this lizard special, is not only the fact that they bear a striking resemblance to toads, but the fact that they can shoot blood…from their eyes. They can shoot blood up to 5 feet away as a means of defense.

4. Spiders do not devour their prey with their fangs, as most people believe. They use their fangs to deliver the venom into their victim, and the venom then makes the prey’s insides turn into mush which the spider slurps up like a delicious milkshake.

5. There is an island off the coast of São Paolo, Brazil that’s called Snake Island. It isn’t because it’s in the shape of snake, it’s because the extremely venomous golden lancehead pit viper has made the island their headquarters. The snakes became trapped on the island because of rising sea levels which cut the island off from the mainland. Experts estimate that there is one snake every square meter of the island. The Brazilian Navy had to close the island to the public because it’s much too dangerous.

6. Japan is an interesting place, and they have a lot of flavors that you simply cannot find in the west and in some cases would not want to find. For example, they sell horse meat ice cream.


 7. Our body is a bacteria haven, in fact our bodies carry ten times more bacterial cells than human cells.

8. It can take a photon up to 40,000 years to travel from the suns core to it’s surface. It only takes about 8 minutes to travel to Earth, which is a good thing for us because we would be dead if it took 40,000 years.

 9. A person who is moderately active, which translate to roughly 7,500 steps per day, will walk the equivalent distance of walking around the world 5 times in their lifetime.

10. Our blood cells—the little guys in our bloodstreams travelling around our bodies carrying oxygen and collecting carbon dioxide—take only 60 seconds to travel around the entire body. Not so bad for their size. 

 11. The Apollo astronauts who have been to the moon, will have their footprints on the surface of it for an estimated 100 million years. There is no wind or water on the moon because the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, so there is nothing that will be able to wipe away the footsteps until humanity returns to the surface. 

12. Many people mistakenly believe that we get colder and warmer weather based on how close the Earth is to the Sun in its orbit. But because of the way the Earth’s axis is tilted, during the wintertime the Earth is actually at the closest point to the Sun in it’s orbit. It’s furthest from the Sun in July, and closest in January!

13. The biggest thing in our solar system is the Sun. It makes up 99% of the found mass in our solar system. 

14. If you were to find yourself in space and you had two types of the same metal, such as copper, and touched them together they would instantly seal together. The effect is called “cold welding” and it happens in space because the individual pieces of metal don’t know that they are separate. The reason they stay separate on Earth is because there is air and water molecules separating them. Cool huh?

 15. A sleeping person will never sneeze, because the reflexes that are in control of sneezing are also resting.

15Instagram / lauraiz

16. Honey is the most nutritionally complete natural food in the world. It contains all the enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that a human needs to stay alive.


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