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It can sometimes feel like you have to jump through hoops just to solve the most minor problems in life. However, every now and then, there are simple solutions, which may not seem like the greatest ideas at first, but end up working things out in a gratifyingly effortless way.

It’s not always the most logical solution that ends up solving a problem. One Redditor asked the community what is the dumbest solution to a problem they’ve had, that actually ended up working.

Here are 24 of the best responses of people’s satisfying uncomplicated solutions to seemingly arduous problems.

1. Cracked Leg: “I bought a set of couches this summer that came with a 24-hour warranty and replacement service. Once the furniture was delivered, I found that one of the legs was cracked. I tried calling the customer service hotline but couldn’t get through to anyone. I decided to take the broken leg into the store and just get a replacement. The customer service desk told me there was no way I could ‘just get an extra leg’ from the store. They told me I would have to call in and file a claim. At this point, I was pretty fed up but then noticed that I was dressed similarly to the delivery guys working. On a whim, I walked into the loading bay and told the first guy I saw that I needed another leg to match this one. He didn’t ask any questions, just took one off another matching coach and handed it to me.” (Reddit user: irwinlegends)

2. Appointment Loophole: “I went to go cancel a doctor’s appointment and they told me that I would be charged $200 for not giving a week’s notice. I asked how much it would be to reschedule and they said it would be free. I rescheduled my appointment for three weeks later and the person told me, ‘Alright, you’re all set for three weeks from now. Anything else I can do for you?’ I replied, ‘Yes, I need to cancel my appointment.’ Couldn’t believe it worked but it did.” (Reddit user: Stellapotamus)

3. Killing The Dab: “One of my friends is a teacher and is always complaining about silly trends that distract his students. The most recent issue he had was with kids dabbing in class. He repeatedly told them to not do it in class but to no avail. So he started doing it. In a super ‘white dude awkwardly trying to fit in with no rhythm’ way. The kids stopped.” (Reddit user: WagnersWorkshop)

4. Oh Hail No: “My car was absolutely destroyed in a bad hail storm. There were little dents all over the surface of the car. My insurance would only write it off as a total loss and I did not want to give up the car because it still drove fine. A friend pointed out that since I live in the desert, the heat may actually fix the dents over time. Sure enough, that’s exactly what ended up happening. A year later, there’s hardly any visible denting. Ignoring the problem fixed it.” (Reddit user: Scrappy_Larue)

5. Mud Light: “Drove to a neighboring town with one burnt out headlight. When I was in said town, the other headlight ended up going as well. I had no money and it was late enough in the evening that no shops were open. My lights were dual beam, so while I lost both headlights, the high beams still worked. I drove with my high beams despite the anger from passing cars because I had no choice. After enraging enough people, I came up with a quick fix. I stopped at the next exit, got a free water, dumped it in the dirt, and smeared it over my lights. Worked like a charm, received no more honks, and passed multiple officers.” (Reddit user: SSmtb)

6. Sticky Rice: “I had to send a letter once only to realize that the envelope didn’t have any sort of sticky adhesive on the lip when I was trying to seal it. I looked around the house for tape or anything to help seal the envelope, but couldn’t find anything. I asked my dad and he just grabbed a grain of cooked white rice we were eating for dinner and used it as the adhesive. It worked surprisingly well.” (Reddit user: DigitalQuee)

7. The Bus That Never Comes: “There was a problem at a nursing home in Germany where patients with dementia kept wandering off the property. To solve this, the nursing home just installed a fake bus stop in front. Now dementia patients who wander off end up sitting at the bus stop and wait for the non-existent bus, which is visible from the main office.” (Reddit user: Kasper-X-Hauser)

8. Target: “For whatever reason, the men’s washroom at my office always ends up with urine everywhere. Everyday by noon, there would be at least one toilet seat that just had pee all over it. The janitor decided to put a little red dot sticker in each toilet bowl and the problem suddenly stopped. Apparently, men will aim at a target if there is one presented.” (Reddit user: thudly)

9. Duct Tape: “If you’ve got a wart or a verruca, don’t waste money buying special remedies from the pharmacy. From my experience, all you have to do is stick a piece of duct tape over it and replace it every time it falls off for two weeks or so. Don’t know why it works, but it’s cheap and painless.” (Reddit user: Portarossa)

10. No Legs No Problem: “My school had just gotten some new sofas for the common room where students could go relax or do work during our time off. They had only been there for a couple of days before one of the legs snapped off. We could have gotten in trouble for ‘not respecting school property,’ so we decided to just break off all the legs so no one would notice.” (Reddit user: ajnixonm)

11. Crushed Almonds: “When I was in college, my kitchen was only equipped with an awful set of hand-me-down kitchen utensils. However, I was determined to make almond crusted fish for dinner despite not having any feasible way of crushing almonds with my weak set of knives. Instead, I put the almonds in a plastic bag, wrapped them in a dish towel, and ran over them a few times with my car. Voila! Turned out great!” (Reddit user: anotherlittlepieceof)

12. Snake Problem: “In my ecology class we learned about a surprisingly simple solution to a snake problem in Guam. Particularly, brown tree snakes. All they did to solve the issue was dropped dead mice laced with Tylenol attached to tiny streamer cardboard parachutes. Tylenol is poisonous to snakes and streamers work to garner their attention. It ended up working and mitigated the snake problem that was affecting the native bird species.” (Reddit user: themaddhatt)

13. Makeshift Shower Curtain Rings: “When I arrived at my housing unit, I discovered that the shower didn’t have a curtain. I picked one up at Walmart only to find that the shower rings were so small that the curtain didn’t reach the bottom of the shower. I decided to fix the problem by making my own rings out of parachute cord. When I left the military about four and half years later, they were still in place.” (Reddit user: Roughneck16)

14. Reservations: “My wife and I decided to take my parents to dinner once they arrived in town. We made our way to a nearby mediocre steakhouse at the request of my parents around 6 pm. The hostess told us that there was a 45 minimum wait. I was suspicious, as the parking lot had barely any cars, and peeked into the dining area where I saw several open tables. The hostess said that they were being held for future reservations. I downloaded the OpenTable app, made a reservation for 6:15 pm and we were seated immediately.” (Reddit user: Atsur)

15. Wax Solution: “We were on a road trip and our rental car’s back license plate wasn’t secure so it would annoyingly rattle while we were driving. We didn’t want to scratch anything up by trying to fix the plate ourselves so instead, we took some wax from a Babybel cheese round and tucked it behind to secure it. Problem solved.” (Reddit user: berthejew)

16. Source Of Concern: “There was a pothole in front of my store that was deterring potential customers. I called and was told that since it was in my entrance, I’d have to pay for it to be filled. Instead of paying, I decided to call back pretending to be a concerned citizen. It was fixed within 72 hours.” (Reddit user: SmokeyMcDabs)

17. Wait a Tick: “A tick crawled into the headphone jack of my phone and at first I was at a loss of how to get it out of there. I decided to do two Google searches. First, what eats ticks? Then I searched for guinea hen mating noises. After about fifteen seconds of female guinea hen sounds, the tick crawled right out of there.” (Reddit user: moak0)

18. Privacy Policy: “We had a problem with an order so I wrote an email (from my address) to customer support to figure out what the next step was. They responded by saying that since the order was done in my girlfriend’s name, they couldn’t give me the information due to privacy reasons. I replied, writing, ‘I hereby allow [my name] to inquire information about my order. Regards, [insert girlfriend’s name].’ Apparently, that was proof enough.” (Reddit user: fragrantvegetable)

19. Cow In Sunglasses: “My sister was hospitalized when she was 4 years old due to a buildup of fluid in her head. She kept refusing to drink the hospital’s milk because it didn’t have the ‘cow in sunglasses’ on the side of the box that the other hospital had. We looked around but couldn’t find this milk brand at any nearby stores. We ended up Googling the image, printing it, and sticking it on the side of the milk carton. I still find it adorable that it worked.” (Reddit user: hunting_bears)

20. Student ID: “Once I got into college, they never actually sent me my student ID or my student number, which were things you really need on your first day. I called in and they made a big deal about having to fill out forms and get approval from someone. I decided to just walk to the front desk and say I lost my ID. They printed out a new one and gave me my number right on the spot.” (Reddit user: BlatantConservative)

21. Easy Fix: “I was working in an ICU and a pipe burst in the ceiling, which resulted in a significant amount of leaking in my patient’s room. My supervisor’s solution was just to simply move him into the hall. However, that would have killed this particular patient. Instead, I just propped up an umbrella over the patient until it was fixed.” (Reddit user: DeLaNope)

22. Hit It: “We were overhauling a centrifugal pump in order to replace the wear rings. It’s a pretty standard fix but for some reason, the impeller refused to rotate once we reassembled it. We checked everything and it was all fine and the trainee engineer said, ‘What if we just hit it with something?’ Sure enough, we hit the casing with a sledgehammer and it started to work.” (Reddit user: manandmachine22)

23. Buy & Refund: “My parents bought a soundbar from Best Buy and found out two weeks later that the price was cut drastically for Black Friday. We brought our receipt to see if we could get a price adjustment but they were adamant on not doing that on any Black Friday sales. Instead, we go over to the speaker section, grab the identical soundbar, and take it to the front to purchase (at the lower price). After checking out, we go to the customer service counter, return it with the old (higher price) receipt. No questions asked.” (reddit user: ChrisLW)

24. Quick Change: “I work at a student-run drama program at my high school. A few years ago, we were putting on a production of Beauty and the Beast. We ran into a bit of a problem when trying to figure out how to show the beast’s transformation at the end. We couldn’t have him leave the stage and taking off the costume took a good 30 seconds. Eventually, a friend of mine had the idea of strapping a small vacuum to the beast’s back to suck it off. We found it funny until we realized that it actually worked.” (Reddit user: Tokyo-SxWhale)


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