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People Share Quick And Easy Solutions That Actually Fixed Their Problems


It can sometimes feel like you have to jump through hoops just to solve the most minor problems in life. However, every now and then, there are simple solutions, which may not seem like the greatest ideas at first, but end up working things out in a gratifyingly effortless way.

It’s not always the most logical solution that ends up solving a problem. One Redditor asked the community what is the dumbest solution to a problem they’ve had, that actually ended up working.

Here are 24 of the best responses of people’s satisfying uncomplicated solutions to seemingly arduous problems.

1. Cracked Leg: “I bought a set of couches this summer that came with a 24-hour warranty and replacement service. Once the furniture was delivered, I found that one of the legs was cracked. I tried calling the customer service hotline but couldn’t get through to anyone. I decided to take the broken leg into the store and just get a replacement. The customer service desk told me there was no way I could ‘just get an extra leg’ from the store. They told me I would have to call in and file a claim. At this point, I was pretty fed up but then noticed that I was dressed similarly to the delivery guys working. On a whim, I walked into the loading bay and told the first guy I saw that I needed another leg to match this one. He didn’t ask any questions, just took one off another matching coach and handed it to me.” (Reddit user: irwinlegends)

2. Appointment Loophole: “I went to go cancel a doctor’s appointment and they told me that I would be charged $200 for not giving a week’s notice. I asked how much it would be to reschedule and they said it would be free. I rescheduled my appointment for three weeks later and the person told me, ‘Alright, you’re all set for three weeks from now. Anything else I can do for you?’ I replied, ‘Yes, I need to cancel my appointment.’ Couldn’t believe it worked but it did.” (Reddit user: Stellapotamus)

3. Killing The Dab: “One of my friends is a teacher and is always complaining about silly trends that distract his students. The most recent issue he had was with kids dabbing in class. He repeatedly told them to not do it in class but to no avail. So he started doing it. In a super ‘white dude awkwardly trying to fit in with no rhythm’ way. The kids stopped.” (Reddit user: WagnersWorkshop)

4. Oh Hail No: “My car was absolutely destroyed in a bad hail storm. There were little dents all over the surface of the car. My insurance would only write it off as a total loss and I did not want to give up the car because it still drove fine. A friend pointed out that since I live in the desert, the heat may actually fix the dents over time. Sure enough, that’s exactly what ended up happening. A year later, there’s hardly any visible denting. Ignoring the problem fixed it.” (Reddit user: Scrappy_Larue)

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