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McDonald’s Accidentally Left Unedited Food Photos On Their Website, And The Difference Is Huge

A lot of fast food places are known for using edited food photos in their marketing materials. It just makes the food look more appetizing. However, is it not a little bit disingenuous? Sure, the food looks better, but it’s not reflective of the actual product.

Fast food pictures have always been dressed up a little bit to make them look more appealing, but the minor changes to these edited food photos seem almost totally unnecessary. Then again, when you’re mass marketing something to your consumer base, it’s probably best to make it look as appealing as possible.

These edited food photos were taken from the McDonald’s media website and loaded into Photoshop. There, a reporter for Business Insider discovered that there was a layer titled ‘retouched.’ When she turned it off, she saw just how much editing went into creating these fast food photos. The food may look more appetizing, but the message is totally dishonest.

First up is the iconic Big Mac. The creases are removed from the bun and the image is darkened to give the beef patties are more appealing color.

Next up is the classic McDonald’s cheeseburger. Similar to the Big Mac, the creases in the bun are smoothed out. The beef patty is also given a fuller look.

The Egg McMuffin got touched up in its bread component. The picture is also brightened up to make the colors of the sandwich really pop.

The apple pie didn’t need too much work. Like the other photos, it gets brightened up, but moving the pieces closer together just seems like an arbitrary change.

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