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These Advertisements Are More Than Just Persuasive, They’re Brilliant


Experts estimate that the average American is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day, which makes it difficult to make your promotion stand out from the vast competition. However, there are some advertisements that are so brilliantly executed that they do more than just persuade you to buy something, they make you appreciate the creativity behind it.

There’s no denying that there’s a science behind advertising, but a successful campaign also includes a level of artistry. It’s one thing to be able to grab people’s attention, however, a great advertisement knows how to keep it.

Here are 24 brilliantly executed advertisements that show that there’s an art behind promotion beyond just being persuasive.

1. Despite laws against it, the act of drinking and driving continues to be enough of an issue that both alcohol and car companies have attempted to steer their customers away from intoxicated driving through their advertisements. Automobile manufacturer, FIAT, created one powerful campaign that effectively shows how drinking can impair your ability to drive and how it can put other lives in danger. The series of posters, produced in Brazil, show potential drunk driving victims on the lids, which disappear once the tab has been opened.

2. Many hot sauce brands have come up with innovative ways to show potential customers that their product truly brings the heat, but few do it as cleverly and as subtly as this Tabasco advertisement. Corn on the cob turning into popcorn with the addition of some Tabasco? Now that’s some hot sauce.

3. DDB Brazil created an incredibly simple but effective campaign for the multinational courier delivery service company, FedEx. The advertisements show packages being passed from one window to the next while the continental maps give the transaction a context. The posters show not only the multinational service being offered but how quick and easy it can be.

4. What better way to show the flexibility of a wearable product than to use everyone’s favorite rage-induced Marvel superhero, The Hulk. His shirt may not be able to endure his gargantuan transformation, but clearly, these Band-Aids can. The advertisement was created by J. Walter Thompson, the United Arab Emirates campaign for Band-Aids’ new flexible fabric.

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