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These Advertisements Are More Than Just Persuasive, They’re Brilliant

17. In a generation where technology has drastically changed how we communicate with one another, getting people to resort back to mailing letters is a tough sell. However, Australia Post created an eye-catching image that shows how meaningful a handwritten letter can be. Personifying the letter in this advertisement brilliantly helps convey the message on display.

Australia Post

18. Fahrenheit DDB Peru won 2 Bronze Lions for their “Let Them Run Free” campaign. The series of advertisements show hair from the drain taking the form of animals that can be freed back into the wilderness with the product Dukto Drain Opener. No one wants to look at a hair-clogged drain, but this advertisement found a way to add a visually appealing angle.

19. Ogilvy Malaysia’s LEGO advertisements truly went above and beyond for their campaign. Each outdoor advertisement was created to resemble a LEGO version of the location it was placed. Not only do these advertisements work with the potential customer’s familiarity, it also shows how the toy can create unlimited designs.

20. What’s better than grabbing people’s attention with a familiar fictional character? Grabbing their attention with two! Alexandre Tissier created a series of LEGO character mashups to promote the idea that the toy has no limits when it comes to the user’s imagination. The series of ads were created for LEGO’s “Fiction meets fiction” campaign.

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