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Eight Words That The Royal Family Will Always Refrain From Using


The British royal family has long been in the public eye. Whether it is because of their elite status or simply due to the fact that they are literally the face of money, many people hold the royal family in high regard.

This means that the royal family is constantly watched and always scrutinized. This is why the royal family has a strict set of words that they refrain from using.

A social anthropologist by the name of Kate Fox has studied the family in order to determine which words and phrases have been blacklisted.

Read more to find out what these words are.

Kate recently authored a book called Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behavior. She examined different quirks and attributes of the elites to determine what words they refrain from using.

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Among the list of words that the royal family does not use is ‘toilet.’ The royal family always uses the word ‘lavatory’ as opposed to the toilet.

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Etiquette expert Myka Meier said that the Duchess would never say ‘toilet’, ‘bathroom’ or even ‘the ladies’ room.’ She always sticks with ‘lavatory.’

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As children, most of us are taught to say ‘pardon?’ when we mishear something rather than blurting out ‘what?’

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