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Remember The Elderly Couple Who Died Together In ‘Titanic’? Here’s Their Real-Life Heartbreaking Story


It’s been exactly 20 years since the record-breaking movie Titanic was released in theatres. The movie captured the true story of the tragic sinking of the ship called Titanic. The movie showcased tragic events of people facing death and at certain points when their loved ones give up on life.

The bulk of the film was based on the love story between Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater. Jack was from the lower class section of the ship and Rose was from the first class section of the ship. A true depiction of how opposites can attract. Unfortunately, the love story, as you know, ended in tragedy.

Like many films though, there are scenes that we look over because we feel they do not play an important role in the main storyline. Take the scene where an old couple was cuddled together on the bed in their room while the ship was sinking. You might not think twice about that, but that also shows what true love is all about.

If you do not remember the scene, it takes place more than halfway through the movie and is when water is starting to overtake the entire ship. The couple is cuddling each other while their room fills up with water.

There are some people that actually rank the couple’s death as one of the saddest deaths in the movie. What is even more saddening is that this scene in the movie is not exaggerated, it portrays exactly what happened to the couple in real life.


If you are wondering who that couple is, their names are Isidor and Ida Straus. They were first class citizens and were greatly respected by the other passengers on the ship. At the time, Isador was a co-owner of Macy’s. He also spent a brief time as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

The couple was married in 1871 and they were considered to be some of the richest people that were on the ship. Because of this, they received special treatment that included one of the fanciest cabins the ship had to offer. But they were still modest at heart despite all the treatment.

Isador and Ida were traveling back from their vacation in France when the Titanic struck the iceberg. Once it was clear that the ship was going to sink, people from all classes rushed to the lifeboats. In those days, it mattered if you were lower class or first class, so those who were in first class were allowed to board before anyone else.

Isador did not want to board the lifeboats and instead instructed the crew to go help the women and children. Once Ida heard that her husband was not going to board the boats, she was not going to board as well. Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, who was one of the survivors, stated that he overheard Isador asking the deck officer if he and his wife could board together once everyone else was rescued.

Isador was reported saying that “I will not go before other men.” It was after that statement that Ida realized that she was not going anywhere without her husband. She gave her fur coat to her housemaid Ellen Bird, and let her board instead. Ida was reported saying that she and her husband lived their lives together and they will die together.

The ship was reported sunk at 2:20 am and the couple died together on April 15. Search boats were later deployed to look for survivors and dead bodies. Isador’s body was found, but Ida’s was not. Along with Isador and Ida, almost 1,500 people died that night in what was one of the deadliest disasters in modern time.



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