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Elderly Man Shot And Killed On Facebook Live. These Are The Horrific Details.


In this tragic story, an elderly man lost his life after being shot by a man who goes by the name ‘Stevie Steve’ on Facebook. The murder was recorded and uploaded to Facebook and has since been confirmed as legitimate by the Cleveland Police.

The murder has caused parts of the city to go under lockdown as officials search for the man that has been identified as Steve Stephens.

This crime occurred at 635 East 93rd Street, according to Police. In the graphic video, Steve can be seen driving up the street when he says he’s found someone he’s going to kill, gesturing to the elderly man walking on the street.

He gets out of the car and after a brief confrontation, Steven shoots him as the man tries to shield his face. The victim, Robert Godwin Sr., who was 74 years old, can be seen lying on the ground in a puddle of his own blood as Steve makes his escape.

The Facebook page where Stephens posted the video has now been taken down, but the video is still floating around the internet and is extremely graphic.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in order to help the family of Godwin during this difficult time. All donations will be given directly to the family.

Police are continuing to search for Stephens and after going to a few locations they haven’t had much luck yet.

The search is now being extended out to other states with officers in New York and Pennsylvania on the job. There was also a possibility that he was in Erie, Pennsylvania at about 7 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Times Observer.

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