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Elephant Isn’t Too Happy With This Tourist

Although they’re usually pretty calm creatures, elephants are still wild animals and their actions cannot be entirely predictable. This is something that tourists might often forget when they’re visiting zoos or animal sanctuaries. Videos like this one are a pretty good example that as tame and trainable as elephants are, they are still wild animals.

One woman wasn’t so lucky when she was bathing in a stream with a couple of what she had probably assumed were harmless, gentle creatures. They’ve been used for transportation purposes and in the past they have been trained in circuses. But more and more people are realizing that doing that is unfair and cruel to the animals.

Elephants are very smart so if this one was in a bad mood and wanted to be left alone, he made himself perfectly clear. Everything seems to be going fine, there’s a woman riding a smaller elephant in the background and children playing among the animals.

That’s when the woman in the gray shirt begins to pet the elephant in the foreground and things get a little out of hand. She didn’t appear to do anything bad. I guess she pet his trunk in the wrong spot. Check out the scary moment on the next page.

One moment she’s petting the elephant and then as soon as she reaches down the elephant jerks his head and flings the woman into the air sending her flying into the water. Several people gasp as the camera pans down and someone can be heard saying ‘sorry.’

You can see the woman’s headband in the water so she must have been flung pretty hard. Thankfully it looks like she did manage to get up and get out of the water, you can see her walk across the screen before the video cuts out.

I guess this just goes to show that wild animals are in the wild for a reason, and even though they might seem calm and collected, you can never quite predict what an animal in the wild might do.


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