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Eliza Dushku Names Her Abuser, Demands Hollywood Protect Child Actors

Eliza Dushku is one of the more recent celebrities who has opened up about the abuse they’ve sustained at the hands of powerful Hollywood figures. In a powerful essay shared on her Facebook page, Eliza Dushku names her abuser. She opens her essay: “When I was 12 years old while filming True Lies, I was sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywood’s leading stunt coordinators.”

Dushku goes on to explain that Kramer began “grooming” her by making her feel special in order to foster trust with the child and her parents. According to forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner, the process of grooming, which involves targeting and gaining trust, is a tool that sex predators employ in order to more easily capture their prey.

In her essay, she writes, “I remember vividly how he methodically drew the shades and turned down the lights; how he cranked up the air-conditioning to what felt like freezing levels, where exactly he placed me on one of the two hotel room beds.” She then launches into the disturbing and graphic account of her abuse.

Dushku also suggests that she may have suffered an injury from the punishment inflicted by Kramer as a consequence of confiding in a trusted adult friend. She writes, “…When my tough adult female friend came out to the set to visit and face him, later that very same day, by no small coincidence, I was injured from a stunt-gone-wrong on the Harrier jet. With broken ribs, I spent the evening in the hospital.” Employed as the stunt coordinator for that same film, it was Kramer’s duty to ensure the physical safety of the actors on set.

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