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Ellen Forgot Katy Perry Was Married To Russell Brand And It Was Awkwardly Funny

Ellen knows a lot of people, so I guess it can be hard to remember all the details of the celebrities she’s had on her show. But this little slip-up that happened with Katy Perry is just way too awkward.

During a segment of the show Ellen named ‘Will You Perry Me?’ Ellen seemed to momentarily forget that the popstar had actually been married before. This resulted in some confusion, awkward silence, and a bit of a cringe-worthy moment.

You’d think Ellen would at least do a bit of a briefing on her guests before the show starts just to make sure she’s all up to date and in the know. I wonder if she was playing around or if she actually forgot that Katy was once married.

It leads to a bit of an uncomfortable moment when Katy Perry had to say her ex-husband’s name as well as remind Ellen that she had actually given her wedding gifts during a previous visit to the show. Check out the awkward moment on the next page.

The clip starts out with Perry making a crying face and joking that this means she would have to get married again. It’s then that the audience goes silent along with Ellen as she begins to process this. She really looks as if she’s confused as to what Katy has just said before saying ‘You were not married…’

That’s when Katy tried to play it off by saying it had been a long time ago, but Ellen continued asking who she was married to. When Katy reminds her about her ex-husband Russell Brand Ellen seems to clue in and says that she forgot about him.

It’s then that Katy begins making scissor and cutting gestures with her fingers, hinting to Ellen that she wanted this segment to be cut out. The entire thing is pretty awkward, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Check it out below.


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