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Elvis’ Granddaughter Certainly Has His Looks, Photos Of Lisa Marie’s Gorgeous Daughter All Grown Up

Elvis Presley is a legend. He was an amazing entertainer, and there hasn’t been anyone like him since he passed years ago. His music was very catchy, and all the ladies swooned over him. He also had an image that was completely unique. People still dress up and impersonate the famous singer.


He had his daughter Lisa Marie Presley with his wife Priscilla. Lisa Marie married a Chicago-born musician named Danny Keough, and they had two children. A son named Benjamin Keough, and a daughter named Danielle Riley Keough.

Danielle goes by her middle name Riley, and she is all grown up and looks amazing. She is a model and actress, and has inherited her famous grandfather’s famous good looks.

She talked to NYLON magazine about what it was like to have such an icon of a grandfather, and she credits her mom to keeping her grounded all those years growing up.


This is what Riley looks like in 2016. She looks super edgy on the cover of NYLON magazine, and she discusses what her life was like growing up. She says that her mom, Lisa Marie didn’t want Riley to grow up to be another Hollywood daughter, so she stayed out of the spotlight as much as possible.


The beautiful 26-year-old definitely looks a lot like her famous grandfather. She is not only a model appearing on magazines, but she is pursuing an acting career as well. She tells NYLON magazine that in her family Elvis was always treated like a family member, and not like a celebrity. She says ‘I was aware of the legacy because I was around it growing up.’

Keough says that it was never a problem and didn’t burden her upbringing in any way having a famous family member. She says that they did go to Graceland a lot. She says it was harder for her mom growing up with the last name Presley. She says her family is what keeps her grounded. Riley says that her mom made sure they lived a normal life.


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