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24 Embarrassing Moments Where People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To And Made Fools Out Of Themselves

Have you ever been steadfast in an argument only to realize that you’re actually wrong midway only to have to backpedal shamefully? Well, imagine that on a much more public and embarrassing scale. Sometimes we get caught up in the heat of the moment when it comes to our opinions even when they aren’t necessarily the most informed. However, before you start a rant, you should really be aware of your audience.

Many people feel comfortable voicing their unfiltered opinions online, but that can backfire really fast when the reader ends up having more merit on the topic. A number of people have taken to social media to critique or comment on public figures only to have the posts garner the attention of that specific person. The result? Just as cringe-worthy and humiliating as you’d imagine.

Here are 24  embarrassing moments where people didn’t realize who they were talking to and made fools out of themselves in the process.

1. James Blunt has quickly solidified his Twitter page as a comic comeback gold mine. The You’re Beautiful singer continually responds to hate tweets with hilarious wit and self-deprecating jokes. The best-selling artist decided to highlight one critic’s tweet and use it to promote his new album. Suave.


2. Katie was just using her Twitter to voice her concern over the effect climate change has had on our planet. However, Gary P Jackson was quick to dismiss her claiming that global warming is a scam. Turns out, Jackson was preaching to the wrong choir because Katie knows a thing or two about what she’s talking about.

3. This Tumblr user was quick to judge this “hipster” for wearing Star Wars-themed apparel claiming that she’s probably never seen the entire franchise. Little did they know, this “hipster” is actually actress Natalie Portman, who starred in three of the Star Wars films. Chances are, she’s probably pretty up to date on the series.

4. Acclaimed author J.K. Rowling decided to voice her opinions on the Harry Potter character Snape, but one fan page didn’t quite agree. However, this page may want to do a little more research into their fandom considering Rowling created the character so she probably knows his true motivations better than anyone else.

5. Skateboarder Tony Hawk relayed his own experience with someone who clearly didn’t know who they were talking to on Twitter. The name may have been familiar to this TSA agent, but clearly, visual recognition is lacking. You can only imagine the involuntary red face that probably  immediately followed him saying, “This.”

6. These guys were clearly only into sharing their work with each other, but they should really consider who they are talking to before telling anyone else who’s interested not to bother them. That person could end up being Marvel Comic’s Editor in Chief, C.B. Cebulski, someone who most comic book artists would do anything to share their work with.

7. We live in an age where asking for a source is usually a valid inquiry before fully believing what you read. However, you might want to take into consideration the person and little blue verified check mark before questioning them. Chances are, the Prime Minister would be quite a pretty reputable source in this matter.

8. It’s not uncommon to get frustrated at a software even if you know exactly how to use it, but this patronizing programmer decided to tell the wrong person to “learn it.” It’s a pretty safe bet that a computer science professor, who works at a school that ranks 15th in computer science, knows a thing or two about java.

9. If you’re a talent scout, you might want to make sure the talent you’re “scouting” wasn’t already named one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone. Annie Lennox posted a screenshot of this email she received from someone who was willing to give her a chance in the music world, but she really doesn’t need any help at this point.

10. People can be quick to circulate images of animal cruelty to create awareness, and for good reason, but you might want to do a little research before hitting that share button. This person questioned one farmer who definitely has enough experience for his opinion to be valid in the conversation.

11. Before you tell someone to “read the full article,” you might want to make sure that that person didn’t write it. Maybe Tomas Sancio should read the full article before trying to sway others on what it’s really about. Apparently, a lot of Twitter users are blind to verified accounts.

12. Director and writer David F. Sandberg played coy when chiming into this conversation surrounding the quality of his horror flick, Lights Out, which prompted Jay Bauman to give one brutally honest review. Little did he know, he was sending it directly to the person who was responsible for creating it.

13. Benson Mayowa decided to tweet the score of a winning Dallas Cowboys game, which rattled one Seahawks fan enough to call him a bandwagon fan. Clearly, this Seahawks fan did not realize that he was tweeting at an actual player for the Dallas Cowboys. A very warranted stand in the corner demand.

14. Technically, these people did end up getting a photo with Lewis Black, but they probably don’t know that. Taking a picture with a poster is great, however, if they would have been a little more observant, they would have realized that the real Lewis Black was lurking just a few feet away.

15. If you happen to cross paths with a five-time Olympic gold medalist and 14-time world champion, the most in history for a female swimmer, you might want to take a picture with her rather than ask her to take a picture of you. Clearly, these two girls aren’t the biggest sports fans.

16. Booker seems to be very convinced that Vince Staples was booed off of the stage at a Mac Miller concert, however, the rapper himself begs to differ. Still, that did not stop this person from sticking with their story and defending their statement by saying that they were there. Apparently, you both had very different experiences at the same concert.

17. This music fan must have may have been correct with his unsolicited concert fact. Johnny Marr is definitely the guitarist of The Smiths and “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” is absolutely a Smiths song. However, chances are, the drummer of The Smiths is already quite aware of that.

18. Sure, blogs have given a voice to a ton of people who probably shouldn’t have one, but before you go undermining someone’s opinion, you might want to check their credentials. The political editor of Channel 4 News probably has a bit more validity when discussing the political world than the average blogger.

19. People are apparently very willing to believe written words but aren’t as equally inclined to accept the opinions of people they encounter in real life. Finding out you’re wrong in an argument is embarrassing, but finding out you’re challenging someone with evidence that they authored is a whole other league of humility.

20. You might want to consider who you’re talking to before you start testing them on their comic book knowledge. If someone works for one of the most renowned comic book publishers in the world, they probably have a bit more scope than the average fan. Can’t imagine this Tinder match remained intact for long.

21. At least people are becoming a little more skeptical of the news that’s being shared on Twitter and are trying to verify sources. However, they might save themselves some public embarrassment by committing to a couple of clicks to see who it is that is giving them this information first.

22. Despite Donald Trump’s petty dismissal of Jon Stewart’s throwaway joke aimed at him, Upulie Divisekera decided to continue to pour salt in the wound. Her tweet prompted another Twitter user to call her a “trashy girl” who wouldn’t get far in life. Considering Divisekera is a molecular biologist and nanotechnologist, it’s safe to say that she’s doing alright.

23. The co-founder of the once wildly popular social networking website, Myspace, decided to chime in and dismiss the paranoia surrounding Instagram’s change of terms on Twitter. Polo Tapia thought he delivered quite the burn in response, but Myspace Tom is really the one who had the last laugh in this roast.

24. If you’re going to ask someone “what exactly do YOU know about terrorism?” in a condescending tone, make sure they aren’t the former head of anti-terrorist intelligence and special branch in Northern Ireland first because they probably know a bit more than you. You have to admire that Stevie still decided to power through the shame.


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