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24 People Share Embarrassing Moments They Could Have Stopped But Didn’t To See What Would Happen Instead


Embarrassing experiences happen to the best of us. They’re common, and if fewer people were ashamed, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.

What’s really unfortunate, is that every so often, an embarrassing situation occurs that might be preventable. But for whatever reason, we as human beings like being evil, awful people for the sake of hilarity or revenge.

Perhaps out of a subconscious desire to control our own fate, we are gifted with the ability to see an outcome but refuse to act to see what might happen. A recent Reddit thread allowed users to share some of their stories about times they could have stopped embarrassing moments from happening but instead chose to see what the outcome might be instead.

1. What Are You Wearing?: One of my coworkers had a crush on one of our bosses and said he wanted to text her about a basketball game we were watching that he knew she’d be interested in because she brought it up at a meeting. When he asked what he should text, I jokingly said “What are you wearing?” thinking he would get that it was a joke. Instead, he texted what I said, but I didn’t stop him. He waited for her response, which was just “?” … and then he played it off by saying “which jersey?” … she was nice about it but didn’t socialize with him after that. Probably could have been fired. (Reddit user: ScarlZagan)

2. Gym Class: Back in 8th-grade middle school, I had a gym class which had a mixture of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The coach was talking to us and then told us to change into our gym clothes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a kid get up and start to strip. He took off his shirt and started on his pants when the coach yelled: “IN THE LOCKER ROOMS!” I’m pretty sure none of the students were going to say anything. (Reddit user: Sir_Eatsalot_)

3. Tastes Like Strawberries: I caught a strawberry grouper on a charter boat tour. I was there with my Dad. The guy running the tour tells me that the fish gets its name from its taste and that if you lick it, the fish tastes like a strawberry. Nobody stopped me. It tastes like saltwater, scales, and gullibility. (Reddit user: outlawpickle)

4. Faulty Aircraft Carrier Bathroom: Not long ago, I was deployed on an aircraft carrier. One afternoon, I visited a bathroom near my workstation to find a friend (and the walls) dripping wet. He said the toilet “exploded” in his face. We both chuckled, but a while later I returned to find the place mopped up, and the stall that he used clean. I thought, ‘that was quick for them to fix.’ I finish my business and see another marine enter to use the same stall. I thought to warn him, but a part of me just needed to know. Sure enough, he finished, flushed, and it was like a fire hose shot out of the toilet. We both had a laugh. I could have stopped it, but it made my entire deployment. (Reddit user: RealPilot_ISwear)

5. Video Conference Surprise: Boss and I were having a video conference with one of our coworkers who happened to be working from home that day. A few minutes into the meeting, he bumps into his own laptop to show up a new microphone he got. The webcam moves and focuses right on the bottom half of his body, revealing a bright blue pair of men’s bikini underwear. My boss and I hold back laughter but we remain silent. A full 15 seconds go by before my coworker realizes and says “Oops!” (Reddit user: kangarooish)


6. The Bench: I work in a correctional facility for youth. In our building, we have a pool table, and if the students are behaving well they can play pool. There is a bench in the room that if you don’t sit dead center, it will tip you off to either side. There is an unspoken rule between all of us that we never inform new residents or staff of the bench’s defect. It’s hilarious. (Reddit user: Gumball_McJones)

7. Restaurant Karma: I worked at a restaurant and the owner’s son was a manager and the world’s biggest jerk. One day he ripped out his pants and didn’t know his butt was hanging out. No one on the staff told him about it. When he finally realized, he was absolutely furious and asked why none of us said anything. We told him that “staring at butts was considered harassment and we could be fired?” (Reddit user: anix421)

8. Shibby Shibby: My roommate in college used to work at a chicken restaurant called chicken express. One time he tells me “hey man when you order the tenders make sure you say ‘shibby shibby’ after your order. That’s code to tell them you work at Chicken Express and they’ll hook you up with 20 extra tenders.” I don’t know why but I totally believed him. We went through the drive-through, I placed my order then said “shibby shibby.” After some confusion, I look back and see my friend almost turn blue from trying to hold his laughter. (Reddit user: N8c2c)

9. Wrong Leg, Pal: In high school, we were watching an educational movie. I sat next to my friend and his girlfriend. He took his hand behind his back and proceeded to caress your leg, only it was my leg, not hers. I poked his girlfriend to let her know, but we both knew what had to be done without saying anything. We let this go on for a few minutes before I left my pants up and he starts feeling my furry leg before he realized something was very wrong. I’ll never forget his face when he turned around. (Reddit user: Crusty_5ock)

10. Wrong Hand: Slept over at a friend’s after a party. I was fooling around with a girl but we stop and lie down to sleep. After an hour or so, I felt a soft hand grabbing my hand, and slowly caressing it up and down. I presumed it was the girl being needy so I did the same thing back. It went on for about 10 minutes until it stopped. Work up the next morning, and the girl was gone. A friend told me he wanted to tell me something. Confessed he was trying to get with the girl last night by touching her hand. I told him I was doing the same thing. Turned out we were both softly rubbing each other’s hands. We still laugh about it to this day. (Reddit user: NebuchadnezzarJack)

11. How Do You like Your Wasabi?: I was out with my friends and this one guy who was a total jerk decided to tag along. He was teasing my one friend all night and we stopped at a local hipster eatery that served wacky fusion food. This one appetizer comes around and came with a side of Wasabi. I had enough of this guy’s antics and bullying. I found my opportunity. He asked if the dip was Guacamole. I said “Yes, it’s really good Guac, actually. You should eat some.” Being the jerk that he was, he stole it from everyone, grabbed some bread, and ate it all in one big bite. The look on his face was amazing. (Reddit user: deleted)

12. Proud Driver: I was in the car going back home after a weekend trip to Boston with my roomie. He’s a great dude, but he’s not a good driver. He gets lost all the time, drives slow, and just doesn’t pay attention. He got really mad at me for trying to assume full responsibility of navigation. I said fine and shut up. A short time later he zoned out and we missed the exit off the highway and end up in bumper to bumper traffic that took us an extra hour and a half. As soon as we missed it, I calmly pointed it out. He was very embarrassed and mad at himself. (Reddit user: JConsy)


13. Flirting With My Wife: Wife and I were hanging out with friends when a new guy joined the group. He seemed nice but a little off. We were playing games and the guy manages to cut his hand wide open. We offered to drive him to the hospital. Wife is driving, and I let him sit in the front seat. I keep peeking in the mirror realizing he was totally interested in my wife and kept flirting with her. She kept giving him hints like flashing her ring, and such. He keeps asking her to dinner and stuff. Finally, he’s like fine if you won’t go out, just say no. I laugh and tell him I don’t let my wife go out on dates without me. He got beat red and told us he’d find his own way home. I enjoyed watching the boost of confidence it gave my wife the most. (Reddit user: evanford)

14. Karma Showers: Last summer I went camping and was disappointed when one of the coin-operated showers didn’t work. As I waited for one that did work, a guy came up to me and asked if I was looking for one and pointed out that the broken one was free. I told him it didn’t work, and now there was two of us waiting for one room. Suddenly a woman with her three kids comes by and makes a dash for the broken shower. A kid asks if there is a line and the woman goes “SHHHHH!” cutting in front of us for the broken one. Well, when I finished my shower, I came out to find that they now had to wait for an even longer line. She glared at me as I left, which made me feel less bad about allowing her to go on a karmic adventure. (Reddit user: michaelnpdx)

15. Poor Calculations During Algebra: One of the kids in my class was trying to be all cool – how he was doing it was trying to be really risky by spraying breath spray up his nose. I should also point out that I was a complete loser in high-school. So he’s trying to act cool, and I look at him and just say “Cory, you’re supposed to inhale while spraying.” Now that his coolness was challenged, he went for the bait. Watching him turn red, cry and slam his head on the desk in pain for 15 minutes was totally worth it. (Reddit user: anwserman)


16. Dave’s Drunk Dare: I had a friend in college who enjoyed daring people to kick him in the manhood after he had too much to drink, oh let’s call him Dave. Part of this party trick was to keep a straight face the whole time. He got a false sense of confidence and kept egging people on. One night he asks a school athlete to try, let’s call him Ricky. I knew Ricky was a soccer player, and normally I’m the voice of reason, but tired of this I decided to let it slide and see what happens. Dave immediately screamed, quietly excused himself, and then we had to drive him to the hospital. Dave had to walk around for a year with a special banana hammock from the damage. Don’t dare people to kick you in the junk. (Reddit user: katieames)

17. Trick Chocolate: I had a vegan co-worker who I shared an office with. He kept bakers chocolate wafers on his desk which are vegan. If you’ve ever eaten these before you know how bad they taste. People would drop by and grab a handful and eat them. The looks on their faces was always hilarious. (Reddit user: dallywolf)

18. Painting 101: I watched a friend of mine paint himself into a square when painting a local stage for theatre. We really wanted to say something but we figured his moment of realization would be hilarious. We watched and giggled as he struggled to find a piece of dry floor. (Reddit user: bamjacklert)

19. Entertaining Yourself At Work: I guess this is only embarrassing if you have a conscience, but I used to love watching people shoplift at Urban Outfitters where I worked, and try to guess whether or not they’d get caught at the door or not. Normally, I wouldn’t just let someone steal from my workplace but that company is intentionally deceitful and a generally unsavory enterprise. (Reddit user: FikeMosh)

20. That’s Not Ice Cream: When I and my brothers were younger, we went to a breakfast place with my Dad. When my younger brother got his pancakes, they came with a fancy scoop of butter. My brother looks at it and asks us “Is that ice cream?” My dad and brothers look at each other and my dad says “yup, that’s ice cream!” Today, my brother makes a habit of stopping kids from making that mistake now that he works at a restaurant. (Reddit user: deleted)

21. Wrong Drink: Some friends and I were busy painting a buddy’s garage. We had a bunch of nice old-fashioned mason jars filled with soda and were drinking them. It was a really bad summer where the mosquitoes were extra thirsty, so we had a citronella candle in the middle of the garage. I should have said something, but watching my buddy grab the candle like he was going to drink it, I froze and for whatever reason couldn’t speak. He poured the hot wax in his mouth and immediately spit it out. Everybody laughed. I didn’t have the heart to say I could have stopped it. (Reddit user: deleted)

22. Broken Lock: I went with a friend to a fast food joint. I went to use the bathroom and noticed that the lock was broken. It was a single person washroom. I do my business, and luckily no one comes in. Minutes later, I see an obese elderly gentleman go in and shut the door. My friend says he has to use the washroom and heads there. I decided to keep quiet as my friend kept me waiting for some time earlier. He walks into the bathroom and all I hear is “HEEEEEEY!” He walked back to me red-faced. I laughed quite hard. (Reddit user: Stroke_N_Smoke)

23. Driving For Blind People: My son and I were driving around town looking for a place to eat. My son was a teenager at the time and was learning more about how disabled people are treated in a cultural studies class of his. He looked at the steering wheel and noticed bumps on some of the buttons (for finding it easier at night.) My son isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack but I love him just the same. He asks me “is that braille for when blind people drive?” in the straightest most sincere face. I told him “yes” thinking he’d catch on. A few months later, I’m driving him and his friends to the movies, and he tells them the bumps are for when blind people drive. The laughter was awesome, and my son never forgave me. (Reddit user: deleted)

24. Volleyball: In high school gym class, my buddy and I were sitting 20 feet away from the edge of the court, watching volleyball waiting for our turn. Some guy serves and overhits it. The ball comes at my friend, and I think to block it, but a voice in my head goes “no, let’s see what happens.” It hits my friend square in the face. I start laughing and ask if he’s okay, but he can’t get the question out because I was laughing so hard. I’m so sorry Roberto. (Reddit user: ozamotazbuckshank)


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