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20+ Of The Most Embarrassing Situations That People Have Ever Been In

We have all experienced embarrassing situations. You know, the ones that make your face heat up and forces you to cower in shame.

Experiencing these moments isn’t fun at all, but hearing about other people’s embarrassing moments often brings us joy.

Below is a list of 24 of the most embarrassing situations that people have ever been in. So if you’re in need of a good laugh, or 25, continue reading.

1. Showing Up Dressed Up: When we think of Halloween, we think of dressing up. So when Katie got invited to go to her friend’s house for Halloween, she dressed up. Unfortunately for her, they were into more of a grown-up Halloween night. But luckily for us, we can laugh at the embarrassing situation that Katie got herself in.

2. Flight Delay Problems: Flight delays are some of the worst things to happen for travelers. Depending on how long the delay is, there usually isn’t anything for us to do. When Jane and her boyfriend had a 12-hour flight delay they didn’t know what to do. Her boyfriend went off and watched Pixar movies with a group of children.

3. Spider-Cat: For those of us who remember The Simpsons Movie, this is sure to make you laugh. Instead of recreating the Spider Pig moment, because he didn’t have a pig, this guy used his cat. When his wife got home she caught him singing “spider cat”. This must have been embarrassing for him, but it sure is funny for us.

4. I Didn’t Mean To: Let’s admit it, we have all accidentally touched someone in a place that we never meant to. It sucks when it happened to us but it’s really funny when it happens to other people. That’s why we can’t help but laugh that this girl turned around and accidentally grab another girl’s boobs. I wonder what the other girl’s reaction was.

5. Looking Up College Guy: We have all looked someone up that we were interested in before. Some of us still might do it. This girl actually got caught by the guy she was looking up. And what’s even more embarrassing is she wasn’t spelling his name properly…and he corrected her on it. She must have been humiliated.

6. Accidental Butt Touching: We have all done the pretend butt squeeze to someone in our lives. Usually, that person is someone we are friends with, or at least familiar with. But this girl decided to do the pretend butt squeeze on a complete stranger. As soon as she turned her head away he backed into her and the pretend became a real squeeze.

7. This Hitler Comparison: When we are being hit on we really don’t know how to react. Some people simply don’t want the person to talk to them and they get nervous and say nonsense. When this girl was being hit on she compared his desires to those of Hitler. It’s safe to say that she was mortified at the words that escaped her mouth. And the guy she said it to must have been embarrassed also.

8. Get Out Of My School: When we are young be simply don’t know how to deal with the feelings that come along with liking someone. For this person, the thought of liking someone was too much for them. They decided to tell the girl to get out of their school instead of relaying their true feelings. This is embarrassing looking back on it because we have all been in this spot before.

9. He’s My Fiance: Let this be a lesson to all of us. When this girl went up to someone else and told her that “a dirty old man,” was trying to hit on her, she was faced with an embarrassing truth. That man was the other girl’s fiance. This situation was embarrassing for all involved. Luckily, we weren’t any of the involved parties and can just sit back and laugh.

10. My Mom Wasn’t Home…: Sometimes we get absorbed in our own lives and don’t acknowledge the things that are happening around us. That’s what happened to this girl who was yelling downstairs for her mother to cook for her. Only to find out that her mom wasn’t even home and it was a cleaning service downstairs. How embarrassing!


11. Falling Down Stairs: Everyone has been that person who fell down some stairs. Sometimes it’s the whole flight and other times it’s just a couple before we catch ourselves. This guy was one of those that fell completely down the staircase. Only to have someone warn him about the stairs after he fell. This is a classic embarrassment situation.

12. Talking To A Trash Can: Drive Thrus are pretty simple, you drive in and talk to the machine. Clearly for this girl’s friend it wasn’t so simple. She ended up ordering her food to a trash can. And it wasn’t until the employee heard her that she told her to move up. What an embarrassing moment for her. Hey, at least it wasn’t us.

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13. When You’re Too Afraid To Say Hi: When this guy was too afraid to say hi to a pretty girl he saw, he decided it was a good idea to tie a balloon to her. This probably resulted in embarrassing moments and conversations to come for the girl. But this guy had the biggest embarrassment of all. Having his photo taken and posted online for the world to see.

14. Texting The Wrong Person: We have all texted the wrong person before. Usually, we don’t do it to our boss instead of our boyfriends. And usually, this doesn’t happen on the first day of our new job. But that’s what happened to this girl. This is one of the most humiliating stories we have heard, which is why we can’t stop laughing.

15. Where Were You Scratching?: Touching things in the dark always comes with consequences. The reason for this is because all you can do is touch and not see. Mistakes are bound to be made. Like this girl who was scratching her cat but made the accident of scratching the cat’s bum. Neither her nor the cat will ever recover.

16. What’s Your Name?: A lot of women are used to being hit on by having someone ask them for their name. So it’s no wonder that this girl thought the sandwich guy was hitting on her. What makes this embarrassing is the fact that he wasn’t hitting on her and vocalized the fact that he wasn’t. We can’t help but laugh at this and wonder what happened after.

17. Mannequin Talk: Mannequins look a lot like people if you take a quick glance at them. So it’s no wonder that this girl said sorry to one of them when she bumped into it. But what’s embarrassing is that she continued to talk to the mannequin as if was a human. If we saw this happen in real life we would probably laugh even harder than we are now.

18. Jimmy Fallon’s Moment: Even celebrities with their own TV Shows have embarrassing moments happen to them. When Fallon looked up a guy before meeting him he accidentally exposed himself to the guy. We have all been here before…right? We have looked people up before meeting them and then that person found out we were embarrassed. See celebrities are just like us.

19. When You Fart In Public: Farting in public is always a risk. You can look around all you want but there might still be someone around that you didn’t see. That’s what happened to this guy. He looked around and didn’t see anyone but then once he let it all out someone ended up being there. What’s even more embarrassing is that the person ended up running away! Don’t worry bus, we’ve been there before.

20. Tree Boyfriend: In grade school, we all do some weird stuff. But looking back on it, it’s really easy to remember the embarrassing things that did happen. This girl got asked out by a boy she didn’t particularly like. When she made up an excuse she ended up creating his embarrassing moment. This poor boy ended up getting mad at a tree because he believed that tree was his crush’s boyfriend. The poor kid.

21. Almost Asking Her Out: For some reason a lot of guys do weird stuff when they get nervous around a girl. This guy is no different. He walked up to a girl and instead of asking her out he punched her in the back and ran away. But there is something adding to his humiliation right now. And that’s that fact that his friend posted this story online for the world to see.

22. Trying On The Wrong Coat: When we shop that a clothing store we think that any piece of clothing we see is for sale. So we can see why this guy thought that the coat he tried on was for sale. Sadly, for him, it wasn’t and he experienced quite an embarrassing situation. But luckily for us, he did because we get to laugh about it. We are sure looking back now he is laughing about it too.

23. I Didn’t Mean That: We have all fell victim to auto-correct when we text someone. Usually, it isn’t anything too embarrassing, just a word here or there that isn’t actually what we meant. But unfortunately for this girl, it ended in complete embarrassment. If this ever happened to any of us we would be mortified. We wonder what happened after this text was sent.


24. Ouch, Bad Job Interview: There might be no worse feeling than leaving a job interview that you knew went horribly. You get this bad feeling in your stomach and feel a slight tinge of embarrassment. For this guy his tinge turned into a bottomless pit of embarrassment. Instead of keeping his head high and leaving the back job interview, he walked into a closet by mistake. We feel for him.

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