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16 Times People Embarrassed Themselves On Social Media

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Social media has practically taken over the world. There are a ton of platforms to keep up with from Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, and the list goes on and on and on. With so many options given to us, we basically have ample opportunity to constantly embarrass ourselves on the regular.

Whether that embarrassment is not signing out of Facebook at work so your co-workers wind up publishing something like “I like the boogers” or whether it’s just a typo you somehow missed, everyone (and I do mean everyone) has embarrassed themselves at least once or twice on social media.

And sometimes? What social media gives us in return just isn’t worth the embarrassment, you know? So, if you’ve ever been there, here are 16 people who might make you feel a little better about your social media blunders or give you some really terrible flashbacks.

1. That aloof personality one has to have to be unable to realize that HDMI cords literally say “HDMI” on them.

2. When you decide to take a selfie of you and the squad in the bathroom but forget that your girl is actually using the bathroom.

3. The feel when you get your landmarks all mixed up. We’re sure those three comments are all telling her that she’s standing by the Eiffel Tower, not the Statue of Liberty.

4. Poor Ethan… But you know what’s worse than a bad haircut? Being Internet famous because you got a bad haircut. Just let it go out, my dude! Or wear a hat.

5. This post is deleted now, but we definitely understand why. But, does anyone really need a thigh gap that badly? I mean, really.

6. Well, this guy deserves to be embarrassed. Who lies about racism? Where does it get you? And why even waste your time? Just be happy no one at your school actually put that up.

7. If you spend a lot of time on Tumblr then chances are you’ve probably seen this post floating around. These people mean ‘cologne’, not colon.

8. This is clearly not a tattoo! It’s 100% ink pen, but I guess it’s a good prank, though why you would ever want to prank someone with a ‘Justin Bieber’ tattoo, we’re not sure.

9. We’re pretty sure this is satire, and maybe for that reason, it deserves a pass, but if it’s not satire that’s pretty embarrassing. Even if it is satire, it’s embarrassing. Just overall embarrassing.

10. Yet another deleted post, but one that is both hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time. A two for one! We hope she’s joking, honestly.

11. This one is just sad. That poor, poor naive man. This is why we need better sex education for our youth.

12. Moreso embarrassing for the person trying to tell the knock-knock joke because who tells knock-knock jokes anymore? Unless you’re under the age of 12, I mean. But telling a knock-knock joke on tinder? Unmatch.

13. Not sure where this girl even got dolphins and squirrels as reptiles from tbh? Very confusing.

14. Beauty standards are a very hard thing to live up to, but don’t use bad photoshop to make yourself look “thicc.” It’s really not worth the embarrassment.

15. This is another satire post, but don’t let it fool you because there are people who do fake photos for social media, like buying Starbucks for your Instagram feed and then throwing it out after. Yes, that’s a thing.

16. And we saved the most embarrassing one for last. Imagine being this possessive of your significant other that you threaten their mother.


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