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18 Texts That Never Should Have Been Sent

Technology is a beautiful thing, allowing us to communicate with loved ones near and far. But sometimes, the ease of communication makes for some very embarrassing texts. A recent Reddit thread asked people for the most embarrassing wrong-number texts that they had ever sent, and people delivered.

“My friend Pete was super creeped out by owls, so one night at a drunk party, a group of about five of us thought it would be hilarious to send him a ton of creepy owl pics (we were wild, I know).
We kept waiting for him to check his phone and scream like a little girl, but nothing. We sent more thinking he hadn’t noticed his phone vibrating. Nothing. I saw him check his phone and he had no reaction. Thought eh whatever, went to bed.
The next morning the entire group of mischievous texters all had a few messages waiting from Pete’s number … “who are you” “stop it” then “why are you people doing this???”
Yeah, my friend had changed his number and some poor sap got an inbox full of owls at about 3 AM from five different numbers.
Whoops. Sorry stranger.” (talienfey)

“I once tweeted nudes instead of sending them.” (Themostnicest)

“Texted my pet sitter “I miss you”. She texted back asking if the message was from my dog. Social anxiety dictated I never hire her again.” (thenoveltyswornoff)

“I’m an old person (70) and my husband and I are still quite playful. One night he put on my bra and panties and was dancing around. I took a picture or video, can’t remember which, and accidentally sent it to my daughter. She did not laugh. I was completely mortified but now we just laugh about it and she has a broader picture of her parents.” (seversonda)

“This is super innocent but when I was about 13 I had a girlfriend I kept secret from my parents because she lived out of town and one day I accidentally texted “-cuddle-” to my dad.” (tylerlame)

“I was once messaging my friend about how I should go about breaking up with my girlfriend. She was very sensitive and I wanted some advice on letting her down easy. Hits send, sent to girlfriend. Well, it was one way to do it, I guess.” (wobblingwisco)”

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