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Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Threatens Jon Snow On Instagram, And Fans Reacted

Game of Thrones fans can get pretty heated when it comes to debates, and this can make it pretty fun for those in the cast. The actors and actresses of the show, now in its seventh season, often joke around and ‘throw shade’ on their Instagram. It’s both engaging for the fans, and a great way to work on character method.

During July 30th’s episode, the long awaited meeting of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow finally happened and fans were super excited,  but it got awkward fast. What else would you expect to happen when the King of the North meets the Mother of Dragons?

In an Instagram post, she poked fun that Jon Snow should ‘bend the knee’ to her, or basically accept her as the one true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Don’t think Jon was having any of that though.

Emilia took the battle to Instagram posting a photo with her costar and asking him to ‘bend the bloody knee.’ The Mother of Dragon’s fans were clearly excited and rooted for their hero dropping comments such as ‘burn em all babe’ from @mathenriquerc and ‘all he has to do is bend the bloody knee!’ from @jiyashankar.

Other fans got distracted by the idea of a romance between the two. I don’t know how that would go down but I suppose wilder things have happened in the world of Game of Thrones. 

I wonder what Jon Snow’s fans think about her total drag, and basically telling him to bow down to her? It almost looks like he’s cringing in the photo. Emilia is known to have fun on her Instagram though, so this is most likely all in good spirit.

All of this excitement and engagement is due to the seventh season of the show having been released on July 17th. There were also a ton of leaks and spoilers floating around so there’s just a lot going on for Game of Thrones fans! I guess time will tell who will end up ‘bending the knee.’


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