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Man Uses Lyrics From Eminem’s ‘Stan’ To Pick Up Girl On Tinder

If you’ve liked any of Eminem’s work over the past few decades, one that might stick out is his disturbingly haunting story of “Stan”. The Dido-collab was a huge hit, and the video featured a young Devon Sawa (SLC Punk, Final Destination) as the titular character. The song described a series of letters that Stan wrote Eminem, hoping to hear back from his idol. It slowly gets more and more depressing before ultimately Stan kills himself and his pregnant girlfriend.  

It doesn’t sound like much of a love-letter, but one Tinder user hit big with a slight tweak on the rap classic. The man uses the first letter from Stan as a sort of icebreaker with a girl, writing “Dear [blank], I wrote but you ain’t replying / But I’m tenacious so I’ll just keep trying / Sent two messages, you must not have got ‘em / There probably was a problem with Tinder’s servers or somethin’


Sure it’s a cheesy way to introduce yourself to someone, but with the amount of ridiculous or offensive messages that float around on the dating app, it was an interesting way to illicit a response.

And a response it got, as the woman in question replied in kind. Following the template, she wrote “[blank], I meant to write but I’ve been busy / I really like your cat, what type of cat is s/he?” It’s amazing that she even picked up on it, let alone found a way to respond from the Eminem letter.

After the first user went back to the well and used another stanza to ask her out, the woman refused! All that work and she was leaving his city the next day.  

It’s not all bad for the Tinder-Shady; she admitted she would have had she not been on her way out of town so quickly. He even wished her good luck back in Boston to find her “real slim”. She’ll surely find him if she’s that quick on her feet.


Not everyday you see a song from 2000 used on a dating app, but perhaps we’ll see more of it now that this has gone viral. “Mmm, you can find me, in St. Louis rollin on dubs”…okay maybe not.

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