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‘She Micromanaged My Bathroom Breaks’: Employees Who Left Their Terrible Jobs Tell Their Stories


While many may fantasize about unleashing all of our pent up work rage and storming out of the office, most of us take the high road and hand in our two weeks notice that was heavily influenced by a template found on the Internet. However, there are those who completely snapped and lived out the “I quit” dream.

It’s an exit that certainly won’t leave you with a letter of recommendation, but for some, that moment of candor is completely worth it. One Redditor asked the community’s workers if they’ve ever quit on the spot and why.

The responses may make you realize your job isn’t that bad after all. Here are 25 stories of people quitting their jobs in a less than professional manner.

1. Lunch Money: “I had reached my breaking point at my job and basically told my office manager that he couldn’t arrange a successful girl scout cookie drive let alone run a business. As a cherry on top, I told him I was going to report him to the labor board for working everyone 8.5 hours a day without lunch on my way out. The state made him cut me a check for 2.5 years of missed lunches.” (Reddit user: onetimerone)

2. The Robin Hood Exit: “I worked at Boston Market in high school and was continually given minimal hours even though I needed to be working more. When the new schedule came out, I was only given 6 hours over two weeks and that was the final straw. My last customer came in and he was clearly in a bind with money. He was buying some meals for his kids and could barely pay for it with his change. I went to the back and gave him a party platter that was enough food for at least 15 people and gave him a whole rack of fresh cornbread for free. I hung up my apron, helped him take his food to the car and then never went back.” (Reddit user: ThatGuyQuinn)

3. Sliding On Out: “My friend worked at a popular water park in Florida but was constantly complaining about his managers so decided to purposely get fired in hilarious fashion. His last shift he was the person sending people down the massive family tube ride that holds up to 6 people. For one family, he decided to not let go of the tube and slide down behind it screaming as if it were some sort of freak accident. The family was mortified and a very angry manager was waiting at the bottom of the slide to escort him out.” (Reddit user: Biscuits_For_Brunch)


4. Just The Two Of Us: “I was working at a supermarket and my boss was universally hated by everyone there. He would just yell at people and never do any actual work himself. I was ready to quit and wrote up my two weeks notice but kept it on me for the perfect moment. Two weeks later, my boss and I were opening on a busy Saturday and one of the cashiers called in sick. My boss was fuming and went on about how the shift was going to be hell with just the two of us. I smiled and handed him my noticed and walked out of the store without saying a word.” (Reddit user: derdono)

5. Special Request: “I was 19 and working at a terrible country radio station with an abusive and dishonest owner that everyone hated. The owner, Wes, had just screwed me out of a promised bonus so I had decided that was it. I completely unloaded everything I had to say to him in a shouting match in the hallway and then left. However, I went to the nearest payphone, put on a fake accent, and called the radio station request line. The other employees had no idea what had happened so they actually played my requested song with the dedication, ‘This one is for you Wes, choke on it you sack of crap.’ This played over the speakers throughout the entire building.” (Reddit user: LAND0KARDASHIAN)


6. A Batty Excuse: “My friend was working at a movie theater in high school and truly hated it so decided to have a little fun with his resignation. He called in sick to his boss and told him that he wasn’t feeling well because he went hiking, was attacked by a swarm of bats, and was bit by one. He showed up that night to go see a movie with his friends wearing a cape and fangs in his mouth. He was fired on the spot.” (Reddit user: RIPmyFartbox)

7. A Formal Announcement: “I was working at a huge grocery store in the mall. I worked a ton of extra hours over the holidays that I wasn’t supposed to because I was still in school and I walked in on my boss telling someone I was lazy. I didn’t say anything, walked over to the PA system and announced, ‘Dear customers, managers and co-workers, I [expletive]ing quit!’” (Reddit user: Focie)

8. Mustang Shower: “It was my first job and my boss was a real tool who would constantly harass the female employees. Most of these girls were my friends so it really irked me. I hit my breaking point when he yelled at me for something I didn’t do. I walked out calmly, climbed onto the roof and then proceeded to piss from the roof onto his brand new Mustang.” (Reddit user: MurdockFoLyfe)

9. Failed Sabotage: “I worked at a telemarketing job and we were all treated like animals there. I knew I would quit as soon as I saved up enough for a car. Once I hit my goal, I decided to stray as far as possible from our sales pitch script as I could. I threw out celebrity impersonations and started things off by saying things like ‘hey’ and ‘sup?’ Everyone was in shock, including my boss who was listening in, but somehow I ended up having my highest sales day ever. I quit right after even though my boss begged me to stay.” (Reddit user: ShrugCorporation)

10. Fry Cleaners: “I worked at a small restaurant and the owner was very disrespectful and would often make the dishwashers run errands for him like dropping off and picking up his dry cleaning. One day the owner made one of the dishwashers go clean his favorite gold blazer. This guy had had enough and decided to dip it in batter, deep fry it, and then leave it hanging like a giant crusty chicken finger in the kitchen.” (Reddit user: omgmanatees)

11. GIF Goodbye: “A guy at the company I work for was constantly getting picked on by our boss but never really stood up for himself. However, one day, he had it and just sent a mass email to everyone that said ‘I’m out’ and included a large GIF of a fighter pilot ejecting from his plane over and over again.” (Reddit user: Rettidurr)

12. High Dive: “My friend was working as a waiter at a country club and he’d already quit once but ended up there again. This time, he wanted to quit in such a fashion that they would never hire him back again. Mid-shift, he walked off the high dive in uniform, carrying a tray, in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

13. Message Of The Day: “At our office there’s a message of the day, which is a window that pops up when you log in every morning. One disgruntled employee photoshopped our CEO’s face onto an, ahem, adult image and edited it so it would appear on the message of the day. Some employees still have printouts to this day.” (Reddit user: permaculture)

14. Overbearing: “I worked in a small office with one other girl and she just happened to be one of the most terribly narcissistic woman I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. She constantly tried to control me and my life outside of work. One day, I’d had enough and picked up my purse and walked out. I got an email a few days later from her wanting to know what she did to make me dislike her so much.” (Reddit user: givemydangdogabone)

15. Two Weeks Vacation: “I was working at a fast food place when I was in college while I worked on gaining enough experience in my web developing skills. I asked the scheduling manager for 10 days off work (no pay no penalty), which was quickly approved. Handed in my two weeks notice the day before my vacation.” (Reddit user: running_horse)

16. Valet: “I was working at a casino and the valet employees were constantly mistreated. One night they got so fed up that they all quit at once. It was a busy weekend night with a full lot and the five who walked out took things a step further by removing the claim tags off of all the keys, dropped them on the floor and left.” (Reddit user: cigr)

17. Bathroom Breaks: “I had one manager who would always micromanage my bathroom breaks. She always told me I was taking too long when really I was taking as much time as I needed to do what I had to do. One shift I lost it and screamed, ‘Do you want to come watch me?’ She had no idea what to do and I just left.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

18. Super Soaker: “I witnessed an epic quit when I was waiting in line at a movie theater to get a snack. An employee was visibly arguing with her manager until she completely lost it. However, before she said she quit, she took the fountain drink hose and sprayed him relentlessly.” (Reddit user: Intergalactic_ducks)

19. Moral Compass: “I was working as a telemarketer selling magazine subscriptions. During my third week, I got an old lady on the phone who wanted to keep talking to me because I sounded like her son. I decided to not try and sell to her and got in trouble because she was a perfectly ‘vulnerable’ target. I didn’t say a word, I just walked right out and never looked back.” (Reddit user: Francophonetic)

20. Topless Exit: “I was working in retail and had a manager who was constantly belittling me. All it took was just one more snide comment and I had had enough. I told her to go [expletive] herself, took off my work shirt, and threw it in her face. It was only about two minutes after leaving the store that I realized I was only wearing a bra and skirt.” (Reddit user: red_hunted)

21. Balls: “I quit a job that I absolutely loathed last year and even though I had a million ideas of how I wanted to do it, I decided to be semi-professional about it. I settled for typing up my resignation letter and putting the words ‘balls’ in teeny tiny print in the footer. It was funny watching the HR lady trying to decipher it when doing my exit interview.” (Reddit user: itakeawhiskeydrink)

22. Hello Goodbye: “I truly hated my manager and to make things worse, we were the only two smokers so would often get trapped in awkward small talk while having a cig. In one glorious moment while on a smoke break, I got a call offering me a job that was a much higher salary. I hung up, turned to my manager and just said, ‘Bye [expletive].’ Felt amazing.” (Reddit user: HoogaChakka)

23. Axed: “When I used to work at a software company one network guy who was fairly low on the totem pole completely snapped. He took the emergency fire ax and went to town on one of the server racks. The whole company network was down for a long time. He was arrested.” (Reddit user: crimsonandred88)

24. Future Endeavors: I had one very incompetent manager and before I quit I handed her an application for McDonald’s saying she would need it after I reported her to corporate for all of the observations I’d made on the job. She lost her job shortly after I left mine.” (Reddit user: YSCapital)



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