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Entire Hospital Staff Left Feeling Sick To Their Stomachs After Realizing What Grandma Did


Newborn babies are normally cherished and loved. They have an innate innocence to them and a joy and beauty that usually gets tainted and diminished as teenage and adult life take over. They cry for food or cry for mom, and when they smile and laugh it is almost tear-inducing (in a good way.) When their little hands wrap around your finger it is probably one of the most adorable things ever. And to know that two people who love each other have come together to create this new life is a miraculous thought.

But some people might not feel this way. Not in that they don’t want a child or can’t stand the sobs of a baby, but that they find it disgusting.

Read on to find out what a grandmother did after seeing her newborn grandson.

Now I do have to admit, a newborn child may not be the most beautiful thing with their pruney hands, slimy bodies, and random tufts of hair.


But just because they don’t look adorable immediately does not mean they can be mistreated or unloved.


When a grandmother in Colombia set her eyes on her newborn grandson she was so taken back that she actually tried to return it.


Yes, you read that correctly. This grandmother (along with her daughter who is the mother) actually brought the child back to the hospital where he was born saying that there had to be a mix-up.


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