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Entitled Woman Laughs At Judge While Getting Sentenced, The Judge Wipes Her Smug Grin Right Off

Some people suffer from nervous laughter, but if there’s one place that you should really try to keep it under control it’s in the courtroom. If you or a family member finds themselves in front of a judge, it’s important to maintain a serious environment.

One of the last things you should do is laugh. One woman in Michigan learned this the hard way because she got a hefty punishment for being silly in the courtroom. Unfortunately for her, her lack of respect was caught by a judge who was having none of it.

A woman named Amanda Kosal was getting sentenced for an incident that took place on June 23, 2016 in which she was driving under the influence and killed 31-year-old Jerome Zirker. Amanda was found guilty and charged with 3-15 years of jail time.

But she wasn’t the only person who was going to be receiving a sentencing that day. Judge Qiana Lillard was in the middle of her sentencing when she noticed a man laughing and had him escorted out, calling him a clown. When another woman continued laughing and snickered on the way out, the judge put her foot down.

Lillard called the man a clown unable to believe that anyone could be laughing when a family has just lost someone. As the woman continues to laugh on her way out, Lillard decides she isn’t done with her yet.

“If you don’t know how to act, you can go to jail. So leave. Anybody that can sit there and laugh and smirk—take her, she’s going in the back—anybody else want to go?” Lillard said, clearly shocked at the amount of disrespect in her courtroom.

The woman’s attitude drops completely when she’s brought back into the courtroom by officers and given a sentence of 92 days in jail. Lillard tells her that she is being taken into custody for criminal contempt. As the woman tries to protest, Lillard continues telling her that she was disrespectful and disruptive. Check out the entire thing in the video below.


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