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12 Doctors and Nurses Share Their Worst Hospital Horror Stories

Working in a hospital has to be one of the hardest things a person can do. Doctors and nurses put their everything into their jobs, and they usually have a lot of ER horror stories to share. In an Askreddit thread, medical professionals shared some of their worst hospital experiences.

These ER horror stories sometimes involve people with horrifying injuries, sometimes they can be kind of gross, but what they all have in common is that they show the true dedication of medical professionals to stick with their jobs even when crazy stuff like this happens.

These 12 stories of the worst hospital experiences may leave you shaken, but they reflect the capacity humans have to help one another and try to save lives. They may deter you from medical school, but they may also inspire you to learn more about how the human body can withstand trauma.

1. The ER can be a truly horrifying place to work, and cases like this make it hard to understand why anyone would go back to work the next day.

2. Doctors and nurses are incredibly dedicated people, and every single day they have to deal with insane stuff like this.

3. This story may not be about surgery or actual medicine, but it serves as a reminder that hospitals are places where death occurs on a daily basis.

4. Some of the worst hospital experiences have to do with extracting something from someone else’s body.

5. Doctors can make mistakes too, the only difference between their job and anyone else’s is that their mistakes could result in death.

6. When most of us come home from work, we can leave everything behind at the office, but doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals often carry their memories forever.

7. The things medical professionals have to see every day can be astounding. How they manage to get out of bed and keep doing their job is admirable.

8. It’s not just doctors and nurses. Even the people who work as hospital administrators have to see some really disturbing things.

9. Sometimes the stories that come out of the ER are like something out of a movie, but like people say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

10. If ever there was a way to convince someone not to get a bunch of tattoos, this story would probably do the trick.

11. There are ER horror stories that will turn your stomach, but there are also ones that will break your heart. This is really the hardest part of practicing medicine.

12. The scariest ER stories are not the ones with terrible trauma or gore. The worst ones are when someone has simply made a devastating mistake.


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