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Every Arby’s Restaurant In America Will Serve Deer Meat Sandwiches For Just One Day

If you were one of the people who flocked to your local Arby’s in search of their venison burger, I have some news that’s bound to put some life back into your Monday.

All Arby’s locations are going to bring back their famous deer meat burger on Saturday, October, 21. The good news? They have over 3,000 locations for you to race to in order to score some deer. The bad news? You’ll be competing with thousands of other people to get your fix and Arby’s is only bringing the sandwich back for one day.

When the venison sandwich first made its rounds last October, it sold out in a matter of hours. Of course, the sandwich was only available through November at 17 locations in six hunting-centric states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Georgia. With Arby’s bringing their burger back at a nationwide level, they have officially become the first restaurant chain to do this when it comes to deer meat.

Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor was interviewed by WHAS11 on October 11 about the sandwich, which he agreed would sell out quickly. “If people are interested in trying the sandwich, the only way to guarantee they can get one is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line, just like the folks last year,” he said.

In order to provide the “biggest venison promotion in the world at any restaurant,” Taylor said the company needed to work with venison suppliers for a year in order to secure enough product for a nationwide launch.

Arby’s will also be releasing an elk burger, which will be sold in states where elk-hunting is popular. You’re looking at locations in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Taylor mentioned in his interview that the distinct difference between the elk and venison sandwiches is that the elk patty has a blackberry port wine sauce. The venison sandwich uses a juniper berry steak sauce.

So, mark your calendars for October 21 so you can camp out for some venison.

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