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Every Morning This Father Snuck Into His Sleeping Daughter’s Room, Find Out What He Did


Movies and television shows depict men and women in perfect shape, under ideal lighting, with flaws and marks removed digitally. This creates an unrealistic perception of how people should look. If we want to be heroic and masculine like Logan (also known as Wolverine) then men need chest hair, abdominal muscles, and a tough, fierce attitude. And if women want to be attractive and sexy then they need to be scantily clad and most often with body enhancements.

But the truth is these movie stars hardly ever look like that in real life. And they will readily admit that the other months of the year when they are not shooting a movie (or TV show) they don’t look like that at all. Add in some CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), professional nutritionists and trainers and a giant paycheck as motivation and you’ve created some lofty expectations.

So read on to find out what a father did when her daughter was struggling with her body image.

A teen from Australia, Gemma Walker, was suffering for years with anorexia. Her parents could do nothing but watch their daughter waste away.

CaptureGemma Walker

Anorexia is a lack or loss of appetite that is a medical condition. It is an emotional disorder that is characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight. Despite the fact that one may not appear to be overweight, they still desire to continue to lose weight and is a form of body dysmorphia.

girlwithanorexiaGemma Walker

The family was living under strenuous conditions making sure that their daughter was still alive.

11917734_427809164086469_760642059_nGemma Walker

Gemma’s father, Steve, would sneak into her room every morning just to make sure that his little girl was still breathing.

14676661_1901858393383722_5309598661926191104_nGemma Walker

In an interview, Steve said that sometimes the couple would sit ‘on the ground next to her bed just to be with her. We couldn’t do anything.’

17267858_222770748198559_4693987977049669632_nGemma Walker

At the age of 14, Gemma was a mere 62 pounds! Doctors warned that if Gemma didn’t get help and change her diet around, her situation would only deteriorate.

17266151_1832672493652662_8255622712865587200_nGemma Walker

Doctors and health professionals told her that she wasn’t going to live if the weight loss continued. They gave her 48 hours to live.

14504777_1780846212174068_4069358075599912960_nGemma Walker

Gemma said that she ‘felt numb.The days just melted into each other and I wished each day by, hoping that I would just pass peacefully in my sleep.’

14474334_617669395080164_2047540716799787008_nGemma Walker

Despite the concerns of both her parents and doctors, she still refused to eat and halt the weight loss.

13551737_470845839755878_607382681_nGemma Walker

She tried to trick doctors by wearing gym weights around her ankles to appear to have gained weight on the scale.

14733410_1221343271270730_187249720723243008_nGemma Walker

Over the course of the next seven years, she was hospitalized on numerous occasions including once to the emergency room and another two occasions to the psychiatric unit.

12917918_986981894689982_1459876756_nGemma Walker

Her father recalled those tough, enduring times watching his baby girl suffer. ‘Seven years is a long time to have your baby suffering, a long time to have your child numb, with no voice, no personality—just a lethal, controlling obsession.’

12144101_1533795960245306_1297014618_nGemma Walker

Things only got worse when Gemma experienced severe depression and began cutting herself. But, all of the sudden, things began to change but maybe not for the better.

Capture2Gemma Walker

Although she began eating again and gaining weight, it was not in a healthy manner. She engaged in the opposite extreme and began binge-eating and consuming enormous amounts of food.

Capture3Gemma Walker

There would be times when she would eat 6,500 calories (approximately the amount of food a professional bodybuilder would ingest in a day) in a matter of 20 minutes.

Capture (2)Gemma Walker

This rapid absorption (or lack of it) of food would induce vomiting. This act is defined as bulimic as she was suffering from a different type of eating disorder. She would engage in bouts of extreme overeating and then she would vomit and restrict her food intake.

12070642_1896050037287886_1359863429_nGemma Walker

From one extreme to another, Gemma would experience bouts of hallucinations and would also faint.

12107677_1167899089891488_1309735671_nGemma Walker

Gemma told The Mirror: ‘My recovery was very traumatic. People believed because I looked healthier that I was better and no longer anorexic.’

12269871_839521442835931_733355339_nGemma Walker

‘The chronic [binge-eating] and bulimia lasted almost 18 months. It was a complete 180 from strict obsessive rules to complete loss of control.’

14280367_1770776213197922_477120119_nGemma Walker

During that year and a half her weight tripled, and with the help of her family and her boyfriend she was slowly starting to disengage from the vicious cycle. She has since broken out of that unhealthy lifestyle and is currently starting a brand new chapter of her life.

12331465_1701717936711333_653492589_nGemma Walker

She credits her family and friends for their help and support but says that her boyfriend is ‘the reason [she] is still alive.’

12353486_107178462991777_2089561518_n(1)Gemma Walker

Six months into her recovery she is happy and confident in her own skin.

16110296_385502868481743_3387550301035692032_nGemma Walker

She has since launched her own skincare brand and is a source of inspiration for those struggling with bulimia, anorexia, and body dysmorphia.

12552428_536604193182153_1287234238_nGemma Walker

She has since tried to fix the scars on her arm from when she used to cut herself. However, some have turned keloidal, forever a reminder of her past journey. She still has some marks on her arm and sees them as a ‘reminder and reflection’ of where she came from.

12748266_1730479243841746_629582180_nGemma Walker


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