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Every Morning This Father Snuck Into His Sleeping Daughter’s Room, Find Out What He Did


Movies and television shows depict men and women in perfect shape, under ideal lighting, with flaws and marks removed digitally. This creates an unrealistic perception of how people should look. If we want to be heroic and masculine like Logan (also known as Wolverine) then men need chest hair, abdominal muscles, and a tough, fierce attitude. And if women want to be attractive and sexy then they need to be scantily clad and most often with body enhancements.

But the truth is these movie stars hardly ever look like that in real life. And they will readily admit that the other months of the year when they are not shooting a movie (or TV show) they don’t look like that at all. Add in some CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), professional nutritionists and trainers and a giant paycheck as motivation and you’ve created some lofty expectations.

So read on to find out what a father did when her daughter was struggling with her body image.

A teen from Australia, Gemma Walker, was suffering for years with anorexia. Her parents could do nothing but watch their daughter waste away.

CaptureGemma Walker

Anorexia is a lack or loss of appetite that is a medical condition. It is an emotional disorder that is characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight. Despite the fact that one may not appear to be overweight, they still desire to continue to lose weight and is a form of body dysmorphia.

girlwithanorexiaGemma Walker

The family was living under strenuous conditions making sure that their daughter was still alive.

11917734_427809164086469_760642059_nGemma Walker

Gemma’s father, Steve, would sneak into her room every morning just to make sure that his little girl was still breathing.

14676661_1901858393383722_5309598661926191104_nGemma Walker

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