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Weird Al Hilariously Demonstrates Why Every Sports Press Conference Is Exactly The Same!

Ever sat down to watch a post-game sports press conference? If you’ve seen more than one, you’ve probably noticed that they’re all basically the same thing. Which is exactly what Weird Al Yankovic is parodying in this hilarious sketch.

For the uninitiated, Weird Al is a parody songwriter known for his satirical songs like ‘White and Nerdy’ a spoof of Chamillionaire’s ‘Ridin Dirty.’  In the video, Weird Al plays a ‘Grizzled Coach’ recapping a game using only the expected sports cliches. He looks completely unrecognizable.
The panel fields hilariously generic questions from reporters, consisting of the aforementioned ‘Grizzled Coach’ as well as the Star Player and the Bench Player Who Had a Surprisingly Good Game. However, when an obnoxious reporter asks the final question, the coach blows up!

Weird Al warns the reporter that this blow up will be the only thing he’s known for before it’s dissected by two sports commentators.

Behind the commentators, the coach’s reaction only continues with Weird Al trashing the panel before storming out of the press conference. ‘This is my reaction to that reaction! ‘I disagree with your reaction!’ ‘That’s the WRONG reaction!’ The commenters argue.

Weird Al’s YouTube channel has more than 400 million hits, his hit song ‘White and Nerdy’ which was released in 2006, contributes to about a quarter of those, being viewed more than 100 million times.

What do you think of this parody of sports press conferences? Is it spot on or do you think that it misses the mark? Perhaps you’ve seen some of these cliches during recent conferences after the World Series.


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