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8 Everyday Habits That Keep Your Body From Turning Fat Into Energy


Burning calories and maintaining your weight is no easy task. For years research has indicated that the amount of calories you consume and burn off is how to manage your weight. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

This is why nutritionists are beginning to inform people that it is time to stop burning calories and start burning habits. Research has shown that there are many different habits that people who are unsuccessful with losing weight just can’t shake.

For example, you have it set in your mind that consuming only 1000 calories a day will help you lose weight. So you focus on that number all day long and plan all your activities around that number. Unfortunately this can become stressful and self-destructive. Read on to find out what other habits you might need to shake.

Dieting: In simple terms, diets do not work. In most cases people who diet will either be unsuccessful with it, causing stress, frustration and loss of motivation. Or they are successful with it but damage their body in the process.

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The best solution is to continue to eat the delicious foods you like, but also find out how you can also manage your weight while still eating those foods. It’s not impossible, many people do it every day!

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Overeating: In this case, most people who are overeating are doing so with unhealthy food. When you eat more calories than your body needs, your fat-storing enzymes are activated.  Despite making your fat cells happy by overeating, the issue is that not all calories are created equally.

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When you consume high-quality, nutritious foods, you’re less likely to overeat because your body feels nourished. Junk food like chips and cookies will never satisfy your body, so it will keep asking for more.

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