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10 Everyday Things You’re Definitely Doing Wrong In The Shower


Hygiene and cleanliness are two important aspects in both appearance and also the maintenance of good health. From eating right, to showering, to regularly washing hands, there are many things that we can do to ensure that we are somewhat bacteria-free. Even though showering and bathing have long been associated with the cleaning process, there are several things that we may be doing wrong.

From when to moisturize, to how you dry yourself, here are several ways that your cleaning process might be counterproductive.

Here are 10 everyday things that you might have been doing wrong in the shower.

1. Some people are under the impression that since water and body soap are running over their feet, there is no need to put in direct cleaning work on those stinky feet. But that is a huge no-no.

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Getting in between your toes is essential when cleaning because that is where germs and bacteria can fester. Make sure to use a loofah or a cloth to clean and scrub your feet and be sure to wring those towels out!

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2. Everyone washes their face in the shower right? I mean, water is going to get on your face anyways so why not give it a good scrub down? Well, it’s because you’re probably showering in hot water when experts recommend cleaning or washing your face in lukewarm water.

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Furthermore, if you’re using face wash, that’s probably being mixed with your shampoo and/or conditioner which may cause adverse effects because it confuses the skin and affects the quality of the product. And lastly, an excessive amount of water while washing your face can lead to dehydration!

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3. This one may be a little more obvious but they are loofahs and razors. These two bath products are designed to scrape your skin and remove dead skin cells, germs and bacteria. Without properly cleaning your loofahs and razors, these two items can be a breeding ground for germs!

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All of that yucky stuff you were trying to get off you is transferred to the loofah so be sure to wring it out! Make sure any items that touch your skin (pumice stone, loofah, razors, etc.) are completely dry the next time you hop in the shower.

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4. As mentioned earlier, the temperature of your bath water can be influential on the condition of your skin. Too much water or too high of a temperature can be counterproductive to the moisturizing process of the shower.

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Skin experts recommend that your shower stay lukewarm and then for the final 5 minutes shock your body with a dose of cold water. I guess ice baths do work?

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5. Some people who work out in the morning or during the midday might wait until it’s night to shower all at once. Maybe in an effort to reduce water or because they’re too busy, doing so can actually be harmful to your skin!

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This is because without washing, you are leaving the bacteria from the sweat on your skin. This is one of the main causes of skin infections. It is important to at least have a quick rinse after you sweat to clean those pores that have just released all those germs.

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6. It is common lore to exfoliate on a daily basis in order to achieve that silky smooth skin look. But in reality, exfoliating once a week is plenty enough and can help reduce your budget!

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Excessive exfoliating can lead to lowering of the skin’s natural defense system which can make you more susceptible to skin infections and illnesses.

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7. While most of us are probably aware of this, we still do it. Washing your hair everyday.

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Washing your hair on a daily basis strips the hair of its natural oils and proteins. Doing so will actually cause your hair to dry out faster. Experts recommend washing your hair once every other day!

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8. Using conditioner. Most people probably use conditioner wrong so it is important to remind hair washers that conditioner is a moisturizer for your hair so you need to leave it on for a couple of minutes in order for it to work. Don’t rinse it off immediately, let it sit and do its magic before washing it away.

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Also, apply the conditioner to the driest parts of your hair first, so from the ends toward the scalp. Applying conditioner directly to the scalp will affect your hair’s natural oils.

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9. Especially during the cold winters, most people who turn off the shower will immediately grab their towel and rub themselves dry in order to preserve that quickly fleeing body heat.

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But rubbing of the skin may be too harsh that is why experts recommend patting or dabbing at the skin with your towel. Rubbing of the skin may cause irritation especially due to the softer skin cells that are exposed by the water.

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10. And finally, after your shower, be sure to put on your lotion or moisturizer right away.

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This will help ensure you keep the moisturizing effects of the shower on your skin. Forgetting to do so will leave your skin more vulnerable to drying out sooner!

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