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24 Times The Universe Lied To You


Growing up means finding out that everything people told you when you were younger was a lie. Caffeine doesn’t stunt your growth, sugar doesn’t make you hyperactive, and swimming twenty-nine minutes after you last ate won’t kill you.

Now, some of these lies are pretty obvious (does anyone over ten think that their elderly family dog is being released to a nice big farm?), but some of them are easy to believe way into adulthood, leaving us reeling when we find out that these “facts” were “fakes.”

Here are twenty-five of the most egregious times the universe lied to you.

That Sucks: In today’s most unfortunate news, black holes are not quite as cool as previously reported. Their infamous sucking properties are the same as any other object of equal mass, and they’ll only start acting like a “cosmic vacuum cleaner” if the star they’re made from was already doing that.


Long Division: Solving a mystery I’ve wondered about since childhood, earthworms don’t actually turn into two earthworms when they’re cut in half. Some worms can survive the experience, but only the half with the mouth stays alive.

A Dog’s Life: Even though they’re “colorblind,” dogs don’t see the world in shades of grey. Because they’re missing the cones that process red light, they see the world in yellow and blue, similar to a person with red/green colorblindness. They’re also less sensitive to differences in brightness, but much more sensitive to motion than humans are.

Making It Clear: Glass isn’t a liquid, and it doesn’t flow (at room temperature). While medieval panes of stained glass are often thicker at the bottom, that’s because glassblowers would generally place the thicker side of the glass down for increased stability.

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