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Couple Order $300-Per-Person Dinner At #7 Restaurant In The World, And Here’s What They Get


There’s a restaurant in the Pathum Wan district of the heavily populated metropolis of Bangkok in Thailand that is rated the number one restaurant in all of Asia. Rated by Restaurant magazine, it ranks 7th in the best restaurants in the entire world out of a list of 50. What is this place you might ask? It’s called Gaggan, named after the head chef Gaggan Anand. A dinner at this place will set you back around $300.

This couple spent $600 USD to dine at this prestigious restaurant and managed to document the entire experience. Under the username Jamesn86 through Imgur, several photos were taken of the highly coveted dining experience, that showcase the artistry that goes into Chef Gaggan’s cooking.

Gaggan is a chef who specializes in Molecular gastronomy which is a branch of food science which investigates the physical and chemical reactions that occur within ingredients during the cooking process. His restaurant serves the most ingenious dishes that blend science and art, creating a culinary experience unlike any other. Here are some photos that document this experience as shared by Jamesn86.

1) To start things off, the menu is actually so fantastic! The 25-course meal is outlined using emojis! Each course is made with an ingredient or style represented by various emojis that show this is a restaurant for the modern foodie.

2) The Exterior of Gaggan was recently renovated and shows how much of a staple this place is now in Bangkok. The nightlife restaurant comes alive with vibrant colors and textures.

3) The first few courses include Paan (a traditional street food in India), a yogurt dish that made Gaggan famous which melts in your mouth but holds its shape until you eat it, and freeze-dried prawn heads with an edible wrapper that tasted like Tom Yum soup.

4) A good glimpse of dining at Gaggan can be found in the newest Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, where the creator of the series Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal tours the world eating new cuisine. In an episode touring Bangkok and Thailand, Phil dines at Gaggan as one of his last stops. The experience is a great deal of fun to watch.

GagganPinterest / Netflix

5) Next on the dining list were these delectable little Eggplant wafers, some chili bonbons, and believe it or not… a dish made of goat brains. It still looks extremely delicious and would easily challenge any person.

6) Next is a type of rice cake called an Idli, a chicken liver and coconut dish, a tiny burger, and a couple of fish tacos made with fresh mango salsa! Delicious!

7) After a special marshmallow dish (not shown), these next four dishes included a fish cake with the same texture as a cheesecake, a sea urchin dish, a fresh fatty tuna sushi, and a different take on Matcha green tea made with asparagus, celery, and other vegetables.

8) The next few dishes really start to stand out, starting with a pork vindaloo dish mixed with a coating of curry panko breadcrumbs, then a dish of scallops with coconut ice cream with green chutney, a caged quail dish with a spicy twist, then a delicious Paturi dish wrapped in a banana leaf and sandwiched between cedar wood.

9) The dishes for this meal just keep getting more and more unique, starting with this unique asparagus dish that resembles a piece of charcoal, a spiced lobster on top of a dosa (a type of pancake), followed by hand-carved beetroot roses, and a mango-chocolate dessert.

10) Lastly, we have a twist on black forest cake, and a dish called Ghewar which is a type of snack cake from India, but it’s served in this case with a slice of mango to give the perfect finishing touch to this meal. Jamesn86 and his wife certainly had a fantastic experience with this culinary adventure!

11) Gaggan Anand attended catering college in India according to Wikipedia, and after working several prestigious restaurants but becoming frustrated with nobody wanting to try anything new, Gaggan decided to open up his own restaurant and now is one of the top chefs in the world.

12) If you want to eat at Gaggan, you need to book a ticket to Bangkok soon, because the restaurant is slated to close in 2020. Gaggan will be seeking a new culinary experience in the city of Fukuoka, Japan.


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