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10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations

Plastic surgery has become increasingly more popular with over 17 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States last year. The top 5 most popular procedures of last year included:

  • Breast augmentation,
  • Liposuction,
  • Nose reshaping,
  • Eyelid surgery,
  • Facelifts.

For most people who opt for cosmetic surgery, it’s about enhancing one’s appearance while still appearing natural. However, there are some people who choose to embrace the extreme and go under the knife to look anything but normal.

Here are 10 extreme plastic surgery transformations.

1. Jordan James Parke. This 23-year-old tattoo artist underwent nearly 50 plastic surgery procedures to resemble his idol, Kim Kardashian. Parke reportedly spent over $140,000 over the last four years on various surgeries.

Parke has undergone laser hair removal, tattooed his eyebrows, and received multiple Botox injections. However, his most prominent surgery is his lips, which he has enhanced to the point where he admitted they were leaking collagen. Despite safety concerns, Parke refuses to have his lips get smaller.

2. Penny Brown. Cartoon characters may have unrealistic body proportions, but that didn’t stop Brown from undergoing cosmetic surgery to resemble her favorite two-dimensional diva, Jessica Rabbit.

Brown enhanced her chest from an already well-endowed H cup to an O cup. The Jessica Rabbit fan also brought her waist size down by a whopping 15 inches from wearing a corset 24 hours a day for two years.

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